Sep 21, 2020
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Little Big soloist Sophia Tayurskaya sharply responded to criticism of her appearance

05:57, 09/21/2020

The artist admitted that some of the haters' comments shock her.

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In early September, it became known that the lead singer of the Little Big group Ilya Prusikin and his wife Irina Bold decided to divorce. Despite the fact that the ex-spouses explained their decision in detail, the fans of the collective suspected that the cause of the discord in the Prusikin family was Ilya's colleague Sofya Tayurskaya. Then Sophia was subjected to real persecution on the Web and even complained that haters write her caustic comments, full of hatred and bile, which makes her uncomfortable in front of her loved ones.

The day before, Sophia in her microblog on Instagram said that the bullying does not stop - but for another reason. The girl complained that the haters love to "stomp out" from the bottom of her appearance. Tayurskaya admitted that sometimes reading comments from her audience, she is simply shocked.

Sofya Tayurskaya sharply responded to critics of her appearance

“Reading the comments, I sometimes get a hell of a shock. Someone, well, was very disgusted with my birthmark and the person strongly recommended that I remove it from my face, because it is so disgusting. Some write - fat, go lose weight, others - why did I lose so much, it was better before. In general, dear commentators, before you start expressing your opinion, imagine that I am not a robot, not a picture, not a clown, but an absolutely ordinary person who has family, friends, problems, joys. I go to the same stores as you, cook, clean, wash, wash, sleep, get fat, lose weight, paint, etc. ", - said Sofya Tayurskaya in her publication (the author's spelling and punctuation are given hereinafter without changes. - Prim. line.).

Sofya Tayurskaya and Ilya Prusikin

Sophia asked to respect her personal boundaries and stop speaking out on the topic of her appearance, since she believes that she is an artist, and the artist should be judged primarily by his work. “And I do this because this is my life, my body, I don’t owe anyone anything, and even more so I don’t need the opinion of people I do not know! Any of your comments related to my work is one thing, but everything that concerns my appearance and personal life, leave it to me. I am always glad to keep in touch with you, share my life, creativity and answer your questions) I love you, ”Tayurskaya summed up peacefully.

Little Big

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Sophia has been criticized by negative-minded Internet users. So, in mid-August, a photo of the lead singer of the Little Big group caused an unprecedented excitement on social networks. Fans carefully studied the picture and accused the girl of using photoshop and plastic surgery. The audience of the artist's microblog on Instagram suggested that Sophia was a client of surgeons more than once. Then, in response to numerous reproaches, Tayurskaya wrote that she works a lot on her body, and also always chooses a good angle and uses Instagram filters, which in itself is common today.

Little Big

Recall that the Little Big group, the soloist of which is Sofya Tayurskaya, was supposed to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020. However, the team has not yet managed to represent the country at the international competition. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event was postponed until next year.

The song with which the team would represent Russia at Eurovision 2020

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