Oct 15, 2021
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Lithuanian Railway calculates losses and changes plans

Belarus and China have already refused the services of the Latvian Railway

Lithuanian Railways (Lithuanian Railways) forced to change their plans – after all the losses caused by the sanctions imposed by Vilnius against Belarus were calculated, they had to abandon the project to reconstruct the Plunge – Shateikiai railway line in the western regions of the country.

It was assumed that after the reconstruction of the railway track, the speed of passenger trains will increase to 160 km per hour, and freight trains – up to 120 km per hour, along with this, the throughput capacity will also increase, because this section of the road is strategic, it connects Vilnius with the port of Klaipeda.

Now all this will remain a project – almost 60 million euros are needed for it, the Lithuanian Railways no longer has such money.

O Svetlana Tikhanovskaya remember less and less Alexander Lukashenko still the president of Belarus, whose people work quietly, and for some reason the losses from the European sanctions against Minsk are being calculated in Vilnius. For a long time there has been no transit of Belarusian oil products via the Lithuanian railway and further through the port of Klaipeda.

And from December 3, Belarusian fertilizers will also be sent on the rails of not the Lithuanian, but the Russian railway – to Murmansk.

“It seems that the moment is approaching when supplies will stop, which means that we will lose about 60 million euros in annual revenue, and the entire supply chain of Lithuania will not receive more than 100 million euros”,

– the director general of the Latvian Railways calculates the next losses Mantas Bartushka

In his opinion, the state should provide Latvian Railways with subsidies in the amount of at least 60 million euros, otherwise it will be necessary to significantly increase tariffs for both passenger traffic and freight. However, the government has already announced that it does not intend to help those enterprises that have suffered because of the Belarusian sanctions – they themselves are to blame, there was no need to work with the “totalitarian” state.

“Let me tell you straight: there can be no question of any subsidies. We understand that there are difficulties, but we hope that they are temporary ”,

– warned the Minister of Economy and Innovation of Lithuania Ausrine Armonaite

Stops freight traffic with Lithuania and China.

Remains with Lithuanian railways small transits from Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The situation in Lithuania today is very similar to that of our Latvian neighbors. They also built grandiose plans to modernize the railway, and now they are selling rolling stock at auctions.

So the Lithuanian railways only have to disassemble the rails and hand them over for scrap.

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