Oct 20, 2021
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Lithuanian President Nauseda Measured Western Democracy In Centimeters


Lithuanian President Nauseda Measured Western Democracy In Centimeters
Gitanas Nauseda

With these words, he spoke at the conference on Lithuanian national security, which was also attended by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda. Nauseda pointed out that the Western community is inseparable. According to him, civilization is united due to common values.

“We must not lose 10 kilometers of democracy or 100 kilometers of order based on international rules. Either we cherish and protect them, or we lose them all. Therefore, no one should have any doubts that we will defend our values. We will defend every centimeter of Western civilization by all available means, ”said the President of Lithuania.

According to him, when looking for a solution to the issue of regional defense, one should remember that the result should not become a source of division in society. All decisions can only make sense when they “strengthen the Alliance.”

“In the modern world, there is no long-term“ I ”without a stable“ We ”. There is no safe region without a safe Alliance. There is also no safe Alliance without a safe region. We must not forget about this interdependence, ”said Nauseda.

The President also noted that the common history of Poland and Lithuania has shown that it is necessary to stick together. According to him, this is especially important in the context of various political challenges and hybrid threats.

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