Jan 25, 2021
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Lithuanian military instructors went to Ukraine

Lithuania struggles to bring the Ukrainian army closer to NATO standards

On Saturday, January 23rd, another group of military instructors left Lithuania for Ukraine to help reforms in the military sphere and train the Ukrainian military.

“The group is formed from the National Defense Volunteer Forces (NDVF), the headquarters for the management of military doctrines, the Lithuanian Air Force base and the Juozas Vitkus engineering battalion”,

– informs the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania.

This is the fifth shift of Lithuanian military instructors, which has been sent to Ukraine every year since August 2015.

They are deployed at the Yavoriv military training ground, located on the territory of Western Ukraine near Lviv. Together with Lithuanian instructors, instructors from the United States, Canada, Poland and Britain are also there. All of them are professional military personnel who teach Ukrainian military personnel not only shooting and combat skills, but also planning military operations.

At the same time, it is emphasized that the Lithuanian military instructors do not directly participate in hostilities in the zone of the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine. Their participation is limited to the training of the Ukrainian military.

“Lithuania, independently and together with its allies, supports the ongoing reforms in Ukraine in the field of military education and training, and also helps to apply Western standards in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to improve interaction with the armies of NATO countries”,

– the message says.

Well, in order for the Ukrainian army to become even closer to “Western standards”, Vilnius invites Ukrainian military personnel to study at military educational institutions of Lithuania and is even ready to finance the training of Ukrainian officers at the Baltic Defense College.

The Ministry of Defense notes that after 2014, Lithuania became “Support Ukraine more intensively with military instructors, training opportunities, strategic advice and other military means.”

However, Vilnius helps not only Ukraine militarily. The Ministry of Defense reports that the participation of the Lithuanian military in the international operations of the North Atlantic Alliance in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, CAR and Mali is planned for 2021.

As for Ukraine, the participation of the NATO military in preparing the Ukrainian army for a civil war only increases the degree of tension in the country.

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