Jan 26, 2021
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Lithuanian “business” on the Belarusian opposition

“Part of the Belarusians who fled to Lithuania“ from the Lukashenka regime ”became hostages of the fraudulent schemes of Lithuanian entrepreneurs”

Lithuania issued permits to enter the country for special humanitarian reasons 790 citizens of Belarus. It is understood that they all suffered from the “Lukashenka regime” during the protests that took place after the presidential elections in August last year. However, to date, less than half have used these permits – only 365 people entered Lithuania, where they were provided with humanitarian aid. But, as it turned out, a fraudulent scheme has already been built on this aid to the Belarusian opposition, and more than one.

“Part of the Belarusians who fled to Lithuania from the regime Alexander Lukashenko, became hostage to the fraudulent schemes of entrepreneurs operating in Lithuania. A public organization “Dapamoga” created in Lithuania, which accepted donations from Lithuanians, earned money by accommodating Belarusians ”,

– informs the Lithuanian Internet edition Lrt News

“Business” on the opposition was put on a “grand scale” – fictitious lease agreements for apartments were concluded, signatures were forged. Belarusians were forced to pay for housing, for which the fund allegedly paid. The medical certificates necessary to prove that the citizens of Belarus were physically injured during the “fight against the tyrant’s regime” were also falsified and now they need material support and medical assistance.

In addition, under the guise of “humanitarian refugees”, Belarusian guest workers were imported to Lithuania from Belarus, earning money on this.

And the money was rather big – “Dapamoga” collected 25 thousand euros. The funds of the Fund for Supporting Belarusians were also attracted BySol, on whose account 3 million euros.

“We didn’t understand everything right away, we didn’t immediately determine what was going on, and therefore some people who did not rely on our support could receive it. If we talk about some kind of interest, this is big enough money to pay for apartments during a crisis when there are no tourists. It can be a good income “,

– told reporters Lrt chapter BySol Andrey Strizhak

After the events in neighboring Belarus, many different public organizations and foundations were created in Lithuania, which collect donations to “the affected Belarusians”. And no one today can say for sure which of them are really trying to help, and which exist only as a successful business project in difficult times of the economic crisis.

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