Feb 19, 2021
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Lithuanian Ambassador to Tbilisi defended Georgian opposition

The diplomat announced that he will remain in the office of the opposition UNM party until the end of the political crisis

Lithuanian diplomats and politicians do not miss an opportunity to take part in all not only regional, but also world events, even in those countries that are a thousand kilometers away from small Lithuania, without hesitation to give advice and recommendations and, of course, becoming a breast to defend democracy and other European values.

So the Lithuanian Ambassador to Tbilisi Andrews Kalindra could not stay away from the events taking place in Georgia: there on Thursday, February 18, the prime minister resigned Georgy Gakharia against the background of confrontation between the ruling Georgian Dream party and the united opposition. The situation in the country aggravated after the deprivation of parliamentary immunity of the leader of the largest opposition party “United National Movement” Nicanor Melia, who closed in the office of his party, awaiting the storming of the police, where Andrius Kalindra arrived.

The Lithuanian Ambassador announced that he will remain with Melia until the end of the political crisis and will not leave the UNM office.

“He intends to stay in the office of the National Movement until the political crisis subsides, the political crisis will be resolved only after the immediate end of the political persecution of Nika Melia and the release of the political prisoner Giorgi Rurua, after which we can continue negotiations and come to an agreement. It’s time for the authorities to realize this “,

– told reporters a representative of the UNM party Salome Samadashvili

The ambassador himself explained his presence in the office of the opposition party by his solidarity with the struggle of the opposition forces in Georgia.

“Of course, I am worried about the future in case disproportionate measures are taken. Lithuania has always supported and will continue to support Georgia and its Euro-Atlantic course ”,

– said the Lithuanian diplomat.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, for its part, has already issued a statement on the political crisis in Georgia

“Vilnius regrets that the political forces of Georgia have not yet used all the opportunities to resolve their differences after the parliamentary elections last autumn. We call on the Sakartvelo authorities and the opposition to refrain from actions that could lead to a further impasse and split in society, as well as refrain from the possible use of force against citizens. Further aggravation of the situation will only harm the country’s prospects, ”

– reads the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.

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In the photo, the Ambassador of Lithuania to Tbilisi Andrius Kalindra

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