Jan 17, 2022
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Lithuania warns EU – no compromises with Russia

Nauseda demands to ban Moscow from drawing “red lines”

Lithuania continues to urge NATO, the United States and the European Union not to compromise in any way during negotiations with Russia and not to agree to any proposals from the Russian side – Vilnius is worried that the Baltic countries can become a bargaining chip in the negotiations between the West and Russia.

During telephone conversations of the Lithuanian President Gitanasa Nausea with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the President of Lithuania advised to remember “fundamental principles of security in the transatlantic space”, which cannot be violated.

“The indivisibility of the security of the members of the Alliance is one of the fundamental principles of NATO’s activity. The Alliance cannot have various security zones where the capabilities and exercises necessary for defense would be limited, ”

– Nauseda is quoted by the press service of the President of Lithuania.

According to the head of state, a dialogue with Russia can only be conducted if the Russian side does not put forward any demands – demands and ultimatums are unacceptable and should not be accepted by the West. Although Lithuania, of course, is for peace negotiations and for observing international law, however, it demands that Russia be banned from drawing its “red lines” in Europe – all the “red lines” have long been drawn by Brussels.

Agree with the President this time and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabrielius Landsbergis. During a meeting with EU foreign ministers, he urged European politicians not to make any concessions to Moscow, recalling that a hundred thousand Russian army is standing on the Ukrainian border, which is just waiting for Europe to show weakness in order to attack Ukraine.

“Russia is putting forward new demands on the European community because of the alleged threats to Russia, although the security threat primarily comes from Russia itself. We must finally learn the lessons of history that tolerating an aggressive policy only adds to the tension and encourages more aggression.”

– Landsbergis said at a ministerial meeting and called on NATO to do everything possible to ensure effective protection of the Baltic countries, thereby strengthening the eastern flank of the Alliance. And then be sure to help Ukraine.

Remembered about Ukraine and the Minister of Defense of Lithuania Arvydas Anusauskas – at a meeting of EU defense ministers, where the situation in Ukraine and possible actions of the EU countries in connection with the escalation of tension were discussed.

“European security cannot be separated from security in Ukraine. Therefore, it is urgent to strengthen its military sector, in particular by creating an EU military mission in this country. The EU Military Training and Advisory Mission will send a strong message of EU support for Ukraine,”

– calls Anusauskas.

The decision to open an EU military mission in Ukraine will be discussed at the next meeting of defense ministers in March.

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