Sep 27, 2021
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Lithuania restricts and obeys Latvia

Baltic unity does not stand the test

Latvia intends to appeal to the European Commission (EC) and the European Union Energy Regulatory Cooperation Agency (ACER) with a complaint that Lithuania has unilaterally limited the capacity of power transmission lines with Belarus in order to prevent electricity from entering the Baltic market from Belarusian nuclear power plant in Ostrovets. There are no technical grounds for such measures, it is just that Lithuania thinks so.

In response to Latvia’s threats to complain to the EC and ACER, the Minister of Energy of Lithuania Dyneus Kravis declared: the actions were legal. “I really don’t know what Latvia will do, but today we do not see any legal risks, because all actions have been carried out within the framework of the BRELL system agreement. This action of ours – force majeure – has been discussed more than once within the framework of the BRELL agreement, not only Latvians or Estonians, but also Russian or Belarusian operators had no complaints “, – the portal quotes Cravis

Lithuania acts on the basis of the so-called anti-island law, according to which it cannot buy energy produced at “dangerous” plants, in particular at the BelNPP (according to local politicians, of course, not IAEA specialists). On September 15, relying on this law, Lithuania reduced the maximum throughput on the Lithuanian-Belarusian connections. Thus, the Lithuanian authorities want to get the Baltic neighboring countries to sign a new trilateral agreement on electricity trade, but Estonia and Latvia are not going to do this.

“Back in November last year, immediately after the launch of the BelNPP, the commercial import of electricity from Belarus was stopped, but electricity is still physically supplied. According to Lithuania’s data, until now Latvia has consumed Belarusian electricity, which it imported from Russia and sold on the Riga Stock Exchange. At the time, Latvia claims that it trades only in Russian electricity. After Lithuania reduced the maximum throughput with Belarus, Latvia can now trade with Russia only to the extent that the throughput of their own lines allows. Before the restrictions of Lithuania, Latvia used the maximum capacity of the Lithuanian-Belarusian connections “,

– writes

And now Lithuania has “turned off” this opportunity for Latvia, which caused the indignation of the Baltic sister and her desire to complain to the European structures about the willfulness of her quarrelsome neighbor, who cut off the flow of “wrong” Belarusian electricity to the Baltic states.

Latvia and Estonia in this dispute became hostages of the insane struggle of Lithuania with the BelNPP in particular and Belarus in general.

By the way, Lithuania annoyed Latvia not only with energy restrictions: as it became known, neighbors bought a Latvian order from the manufacturer for the urgent production of 111 km of barbed wire for the construction of a fence on the border. Latvia was left with nothing.

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