Nov 5, 2021
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Lithuania presented the Ukrainian Armed Forces with a plane that does not fly

Ukraine is just lucky to receive gifts from “Western partners”

Ukraine is lucky for gifts from “Western partners” – either Britain almost gave a decommissioned and unnecessary icebreaker (why Ukraine needs it is completely unclear), then Belgium presented a rusted ship, and did not even try to paint over the rust – this is a ship, even rusted, greeted in the port of Ochakov with fanfare. Decided to keep up with its senior comrades in the Alliance and Lithuania, announcing that it is giving Ukraine a combat training aircraft L-39ZA (Albatross)

The fact that the plane does not fly due to an inoperative engine did not bother anyone in Lithuania at all – as the Slavic folk wisdom says, “they don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”.

“The Albatros training aircraft will be transferred to the ownership of the Ukrainian army. The aircraft has not been flying since 2019 due to engine malfunction, so that its condition does not deteriorate, it was mothballed. It is currently preserved and refurbished every six months to prevent deterioration of the aircraft. In April 2021, the plane was decommissioned. By the order of the commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the aircraft was declared unfit for operation due to damage, “

– Major of the Armed Forces of Lithuania Gintautas Chunis told the Lithuanian journalists.

In fact, the Lithuanian Armed Forces had two such aircraft, which were used for combat training of pilots, and then for training flight controllers. But one of them got into trouble – during a training flight in August 2011. Albatross collided with a fighter Mirage 2000 French Air Force, and after the collision fell into a swamp. The plane was taken out of the swamp, but since then it refuses to fly. And in 2019, the engine of the second Albatross also failed.

According to Gintautas Chunis, now the Lithuanian Armed Forces no longer need to train their pilots – Lithuanian airbases are designed exclusively for NATO aircraft, local pilots have nothing to do there, which means that they no longer need to be taught. Yes, and it is difficult to teach someone to fly on airplanes that are unable to take off.

The fact that Lithuania gave a pile of scrap metal to Ukraine, presenting it as “military aid”, is understandable. One thing is not clear – what will Kiev do with such a “valuable” gift?

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