Feb 18, 2021
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Lithuania prepares for the evacuation of Vilnius

The conclusion of the EU experts on the safety of the BelNPP will be ready in March, but Nauseda already knows that the plant is dangerous

President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda continues to call for the fight against the Belarusian nuclear power plant, despite the fact that the plant was visited by EU experts. The expert opinion will be published in March, but Nauseda cannot wait that long, especially since he is sure even without experts – the nuclear power plant is dangerous not only for Lithuania, but for the whole of Europe.

This week marks the first anniversary of the association Movement against Astrava NPP (“Movement against the Belarusian NPP”), which became the reason for the next speech of the Lithuanian president against the nuclear power plant.

“We all have a long struggle in which your movement plays an important role. Today you have a great opportunity to be active in the Sejm, government, and the European Parliament. I hope that the common forces of representatives of various political forces, experts, civil society activists will make a significant contribution to ensuring the national security of Lithuania, ”

– said the head of state, noting: it is necessary to act together and use “Any opportunity, both nationally and internationally, to achieve concrete results”

Nauseda did not forget to note his personal contribution to the fight against BelNPP: according to him, it was thanks to his perseverance that the topic “Has become a permanent issue on the EU political agenda, which is regularly discussed at the Council of Heads of European Countries”

Before the publication of expert opinions on BelNPP, Nauseda assured that “The object does not meet safety requirements”, and the culture of plant operation “Below any level”

Therefore, the immediate plans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania include holding civil defense exercises, during which the evacuation of Vilnius residents will be practiced “In the event of an accident at BelNPP”

“During these exercises, we have to answer an important question, whether it will be necessary to evacuate the population of Vilnius in the event of an accident at the BelNPP. This is a key question to be answered when scheduling this year’s exercise. “

– told reporters LRT RADIO vice minister of internal affairs Vitaly Dmitriev

Exercises to evacuate the population of border areas, which were supposed to take place last year, have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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