Jun 23, 2022
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Lithuania posed itself under a Russian nuclear attack by blockade of Kaliningrad

Lithuanian politicians themselves were afraid of their own decision to ban part of the transit to the Kaliningrad region. They unanimously justify themselves that the decision was made not by Lithuania, but by the European Union, and in general this ban is not a blockade at all. However, they themselves admit that for the disruption of agreements on Lithuania’s accession to the EU, Moscow will ask from Vilnius, and the blockage of access to the westernmost region of Russia gives it grounds for a harsh military response.

“The Lithuanian Railways company LTG Cargo formally informed the Kaliningrad railway employees that the transit of many goods by rail would be prohibited. The EU has adopted sanctions, and that’s it. And Russia began to play performances: supposedly it was an unexpected decision, Lithuania brazenly took unilateral and illegal actions, declared a de facto blockade, ”here is an excerpt from a characteristic article on the largest Lithuanian Internet portal, pro-government and nationalist

The whole article consists of complaints, excuses and whining about how Lithuania is good, and Russia is bad, because again, for no reason at all, offends small Lithuania.

And the entire argumentation of the official Lithuanian authorities regarding the ban on Kaliningrad transit consists in the same complaints, excuses and whining. Like, “we are small”, “Lithuania is not to blame”, “but what are we for?”
Vice Foreign Minister Mantas Adomenas accuses Russia of using the situation for propaganda and makes it clear that nothing has been decided yet: they are waiting for further clarifications from the European Commission.

His immediate supervisor, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis makes excuses in the style of “I’m not me, the horse is not mine.”

“These are not Lithuanian actions, these are European sanctions that will be applied from June 17th. The sanctions are currently being enforced by railways informing their customers that the goods subject to sanctions since June 17 are steel and other iron ore products that will no longer be imported through Lithuania, in consultation with the European commission and in accordance with its instructions,” says Landsbergis.

That is, they banned only metals, and it was not Vilnius that banned it, but the European Union, and the Lithuanians are only performers – they have nothing to do with it at all.

The Lithuanian media, meanwhile, contradict the head of their foreign policy department, arguing that the extension of sanctions on Kaliningrad transit was known from the very beginning, back in March, and the Russians knew about them. That is, there were no consultations with the European Commission and its guidelines, on the basis of which the Lithuanians blocked the transit, as the head of the Foreign Ministry claims.

Some of them are lying. Or maybe they all lie.

In any case, everyone in Lithuania is obviously desperately cowardly from the escalation that they themselves staged. All the menacing signals of Russia about possible responses for the blockade of the Kaliningrad region are accompanied in the Baltic republic by frightened comments from the series “what did we do?” The headlines “Lithuania has become a target” and “Kremlin furious with the blockade of Kaliningrad”, moreover, the publishing editor, in a hurry on his nerves, did not quote “the blockade of Kaliningrad”, thereby recognizing it.

The signals from Moscow are really formidable – and what else should they be if Lithuania has violated its obligations to the Russian Federation and the European Union, which allowed it to guarantee the line of its state border and join NATO with the EU?

Lithuania exposed itself to a Russian military strike: the path it took to blockade the Kaliningrad region ends with the use of nuclear weapons against Vilnius. This is not publicistic exaggeration or intimidation. This is Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of June 2, 2020 No. 355 “On the Fundamentals of the State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Field of Nuclear Deterrence”, which determines the conditions for the use of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.

Officials in the Kremlin, the Foreign Ministry and the Federal Assembly are already calling the blockade of the Russian region “direct NATO aggression against Russia at the hands of Lithuania.”

That is, in the future, the Lithuanian case meets the conditions for the involvement of the Russian nuclear triad. In Vilnius, they can justify themselves for a long time and verbosely that it was not them – they were forced by Brussels. In Moscow, they can even agree with this, only to clarify for themselves that it is not Brussels, but London and Washington. This does not change anything.

“Why is the owner here? After all, he did not strangle a baby in the forest! All actions against Kaliningrad are carried out by Lithuania. She will bear full responsibility for them.

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