Oct 8, 2021
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Lithuania has figured out how to solve the gas problem at the expense of Ukraine

Lithuania will find application for its LNG terminal due to the gas problems of Ukraine. Vilnius expects to sell gas to Europe when Kiev “gets out of the game,” the media write.

Lithuania wants to solve problems with the expensive LNG terminal Independence at the expense of Ukraine. The analytical portal RuBaltic.Ru writes about the plans of Vilnius to become a major supplier of energy resources to Europe.

This is the Independence floating LNG terminal, which Lithuania has been leasing from Norway since 2014, spending significant funds on it. Vilnius hopes to be able to profit from it by taking advantage of Kiev’s gas problems.

Lithuania’s plan proceeds from the fact that after Ukraine leaves the game, Europe will start looking for new suppliers of blue fuel. Vilnius expects to be able to sell liquefied natural gas, which is stored in the Independence floating terminal, to European countries via a gas pipeline heading towards Poland.

However, this plan has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, it is not a fact that Poland will allow Lithuania to sell gas to Europe, since Warsaw itself was going to supply blue fuel to the Baltic States. And secondly, if the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is launched at full capacity, then the services of Lithuania are unlikely to be needed by anyone.

Nevertheless, the approach of Lithuania is indicative in this situation, which is already hoping to cash in on the problems of “friendly” Ukraine,

– writes Nation News.

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