Jun 23, 2022
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Lisichansk, “Severodonetsk loop”: 5-7 thousand troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Bandera fall into the “ring”

In the photo: Ukrainian military in Lysichansk.

In the photo: Ukrainian military in Lysichansk. (Photo: Zuma/TASS)

The allied militia forces of the Luhansk People’s Republic and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are systematically moving towards Lisichansk, which is still controlled by the Ukrainian army. Fighting is going on both from the north of the city, in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Belogorovka, and from the south, near the villages of Metelkino, Borovskoye, Ustinovka, Tashkovka. Gorskoye is completely blocked by Russian troops and units of the LPR.

Within the boundaries of several settlements in the Lisichansk direction, shooting battles are being waged.

Events can develop according to three possible scenarios: a small encirclement of Lisichansk itself, the encirclement of this city and its environs, as well as a strike to the south around Slavyansk from the west, followed by a connection with units of the Donetsk People’s Militia, which in turn will move north.

According to retired colonel, conscript artilleryman Viktor Litovkin much in the development of events around Lisichansk depends on the actions of the enemy:

– If the Armed Forces of Ukraine will withdraw their units to the west, then no large encirclement is possible. If the Ukrainian militants, as usual, cling to the ruins, shooting everything around, including civilians trying to get out of a dangerous place, then the nationalists will have to surround, block, destroy with fire and wait for surrender, as was the case at Azovstal.

“SP”: – In principle, what for an uninitiated person seems incomprehensible, if not chaotic, for a military man can fit into some standard tactical and strategic developments?

“Our main tactic and strategy is to save the fraternal people of Ukraine. For this purpose, parliamentarians are sent, certain terms of surrender are offered. At the same time, shelling is going on, which leaves no doubt what will happen to those who do not surrender. The work is built on this contradiction of “good and bad”. As for the Ukrainian side, they deploy detachments that shoot in the back those of their fighters and commanders who decide to surrender.

Of course, now many have radio stations, and their owners have their own bright call signs on the air, more famous than names. All this is good, but when there is an eye-to-eye meeting, in which the facial expressions of the interlocutor are visible, it is easier for commanders from our side and from that side to agree.

Despite the fact that new means of communication and weapons are now being used, much remains unchanged – as it has been for centuries. The fighting takes place according to the same scenarios, which are based on saving your own and defeating the enemy. There is nothing fundamentally new. The weapons have changed, but the methods of struggle have remained the same.

Yes, quadrocopters and drones are now being used, and electronic warfare systems are working against them. But people are fighting, and the psychological impact on the enemy remains very important. Anything goes, even bribery.

“SP”: – We are experiencing the whole country, watching every village in the Donbass: Rubizhne, Zolote, Bakhmut.

– Of course! And questions arise: why are the measures to protect Donetsk from shelling not sufficient? It is good that strikes were carried out on the Odessa airport, after their senseless strike on gas production platforms. But the shelling of the peaceful streets of Donetsk…

Yes, there are many questions that have not yet been answered: why has not every single route of delivery of Western heavy weapons shelling Donetsk been destroyed so far? Why do foreign leaders freely visit Kyiv? If we have launched a special military operation, then we need to make sure that even a mouse does not slip into Kyiv, and not that Boris Johnson.

“SP”: – Apparently, the negotiations between Macron, Scholz and Draghi were unsuccessful and now France, Germany and Italy refuse to send weapons to Ukraine in the short term.

“That’s all true, but supply routes still need to be destroyed more intensively. There are railway gauges, there are stations where wheel sets are changed from western to Russian size, from narrow to wide. All this is well known, but American Harpoons and M777 howitzers continue to arrive in Ukraine.

The fate of the battle near Lysichansk – can be decided on the western border of Ukraine, from which weapons are transported. And not only Lisichansk, but also our entire former fraternal country, now infected with Bandera dope …

Some units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already refusing to go to Lisichansk so that they are not strangled in the “Severodonetsk noose”. There they have heavy losses and no supplies. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is deploying special forces, representatives of PMCs, foreign mercenaries to this direction in order to hold this “new Stalingrad”.

But despite all the efforts of the Ukrainian unfortunate strategists, a suburban village was liberated, from which the multi-storey buildings of Lisichansk are within easy reach of seven kilometers across the fields. And the upper floors of some skyscrapers, where snipers and ATGM crews usually sit, have already been processed by our artillery and burned to the ground.

After an attack on a cluster of senior officers in Shirokaya Dacha, Dnepropetrovsk region, there is no one to command the defenders. Units of the Ukrainian troops have been “decapitated”, which is noticeable by the way they react chaotically to the strikes of the allied forces. Ukrainian formations are simply disorganized.

As usual, Ukrainian servicemen prepared ammunition depots, placed artillery and multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) in schools and kindergartens. All this should go to those who come. So far, there are about 5-7 thousand Ukrainian soldiers in Lysichansk, but their number is getting smaller.

Significant blows are inflicted on the outskirts of the city, clusters of terrorists suffer losses in Berestovoye, Disputable, Volcheyarovka, which are located west of Lisichansk and in the industrial zone of the Lisichansk Oil Refinery, which is near the village of Verkhnekamenka. This industrial zone of the oil refinery was attacked because rather large accumulations of manpower and equipment of Ukrainian formations were pulled there.

President of the Association of Veterans of the Alfa anti-terror unit, member of the Russian Academy of Security Problems Sergei Goncharov I am convinced that there is no point in sacrificing our soldiers and officers by storming the enemy’s fortifications:

“We need to wait to get a comfortable position, to do everything to close the air passages with our aircraft strikes. In Lisichansk, we have only one tactic – to protect our servicemen. This requires fire support, after which the assault squads deliver lightning strikes. And to say that stupidly “the special forces will go on the assault with machine guns at the ready” is pointless, no one will do this.

“SP”: – Will it be possible to save Lisichansk, preventing great destruction, as happened in Mariupol?

– The question is to solve the dilemma: take the city or lose people? The Nazis will not let us take the city anyway, avoiding destruction. You see what they are doing – the settlement was liberated, and they – from morning to evening they are shelling it from large-caliber guns. So there is no point in messing around with them.

If the Ukrainian side gave us a guarantee that the city would not be touched, this is one thing, but if we liberate and then receive destructive fire and ruins, this is another. So I don’t see the point in sacrificing my people. No one talks about “carpet bombing” and “scorched earth tactics” on our part, but the lives of our soldiers and officers are more precious than a couple of destroyed floors in old Khrushchevs, if the enemy is hiding there…

Panic prevails on the Ukrainian side about the events near Lisichansk. There is a reason for panic – the Lisichansk-Bakhmut highway, along which supplies were supplied to half, if not two-thirds of the encircled group, is blocked. It has been in the zone of confident destruction of Russian artillery for several days, and now it is completely controlled by the allied forces.

The Russian command does not intend to risk people by delivering a decisive blow, closing Lisichansk with all its contents in a ring. And in Kyiv, as usual, they assume that “everything is sold”, “agreement”.

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