Jun 5, 2022
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Lisichansk: Landing troops and tankers are driving Bandera survivors in Severodonetsk into a trap

Lisichansk: Landing troops and tankers are driving Bandera survivors in Severodonetsk into a trap

Photo: Gavriil Grigorov/TASS

Kyiv bribes “analysts” and half-forgotten bloggers to convince the Russians of its military superiority. However, even independent American experts, who certainly do not sympathize with Moscow, state that the offensive in the Donbass is going well. Albeit not as fast as we would like. But it will speed up in the near future.

British Ministry of Defense: Russia is preparing for a decisive blow near Severodonetsk

Minister of Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu at a meeting with the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said that Russian troops would “speed up” the conduct of a special operation in eastern Ukraine.

Kadyrov himself said that Shoigu “defined new tasks” that should increase the effectiveness of Russian offensive maneuvers and improve Russian tactics. Kadyrov, however, did not specify what tasks the Russian troops would perform in order to speed up their advance.

Earlier, on May 24, Shoigu said that Russian troops were slowly advancing in eastern Ukraine to avoid civilian casualties. This is confirmed by the British Ministry of Defense, which notes that Russian troops in other strategic areas have temporarily switched to defensive operations in order to concentrate all available forces in the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk agglomeration.

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Official Kyiv swears not to strike at the territory of Russia, and unofficial – threatens

Meanwhile, Ukrainian state propaganda, through, probably, bribed Russian bloggers (such as, for example, “Fighting Cat Murz”, who writes anti-Russian nasty things in the God-forgotten LiveJournal), is trying to convince of large Russian losses, including in the Izyum direction, from where from the north there is a direction to Donbass.

Allegedly, the lack of communication between Russian units and commanders allowed Ukrainian forces to strike Russian forward positions using drones.

The arguments of the Russian (and actually pseudo-Russian) bloggers bought by Kyiv are refuted even by independent… American analysts. In particular, Mason Clark I George Barros from the Institute for the Study or War.

American analysts confirm that Russian electronic warfare units have stepped up their work in the Donbas. Russian electronic warfare systems significantly outnumber Ukrainian ones and effectively jam Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance in the Donbass. And thus hinder the work of Ukrainian drones.

The Institute for the Study of War states that Russian troops have made significant progress in the eastern part of Severodonetsk. Ambassador of the LPR in Russia Rodion Miroshnik stated that the allied coalition was successfully carrying out attacks and was steadily advancing towards the Azot chemical plant. It was him that the Ukrainians wanted to turn into a hotbed of long-term resistance, as was the case with Azovstal in Mariupol.

However, even if groups of national battalions still remain on the territory of Azot, they will not pose a danger to the allied forces. And Russia, together with the military personnel of Donbass, is preparing an offensive against Lisichansk.

The Institute for the Study of War records activity along the Seversky Donets River, which separates Severodonetsk from Lysichansk. Experts note that the armed forces of the DPR and LPR, Russian motorized rifles, tankers and paratroopers are involved in the attack on Lisichansk. All this guarantees the success of the offensive operation.

Especially in light of Shoigu’s statements about improving tactical interaction between units. Which once again refutes the Kyiv arguments that are replicated by the Ukrainian General Staff and lured “analysts” and bloggers.

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“We’ll just fill them with concrete. We won’t wait”

In particular, contrary to the assurances of the Kyiv propaganda (its mouthpiece now is the head of the Lugansk regional administration Sergei Gaidaiwho, after the liberation of the region, faces a military tribunal), the unfinished remnants of the Ukrainian garrison are no longer capable of resistance. They are conducting sluggish local counterattacks in the city and its immediate environs, American analysts say.

After Severodonetsk, Lisichansk will fall, then Slavyansk and Kramatorsk

Another direction for the offensive is Barvinkovo, Bogorodichnoye, Studenok, Dolina and other settlements scattered to the southwest and southeast of Izyum. Here, in particular, there is a small town of Svyatogorsk with a population of about 5 thousand people.

Svyatogorsk is located about 27 kilometers from Izyum, but the main thing is that it is located on the main road to Slavyansk. Russian troops are likely seeking to seize this highway in order to use the access road to support the advance on Slavyansk.

The attack on Sloviansk, where the Ukrainians dug in after intense fighting ended in 2015, comes not only from Izyum, but also from Krasny Liman, which the Allies recaptured from the nationalists at the end of May.

Control over Slavyansk, as well as over Kramatorsk, means the return of full control over the Donbass, which is the main goal of the special operation, as the president Vladimir Putin announced April 12.

The Institute for the Study of War, which studies military activity in real time, has so far refrained from assessing how soon the allied offensive in Donbass will end. But American analysts are sure that it is only a matter of time.

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