Apr 25, 2022
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Lip care rules

Lip care rules

Lips are one of the most vulnerable and defenseless parts of the body. Frost, wind, sun, colds, low-quality cosmetics – all this affects their condition.

If you smoke, don’t take enough vitamins, or don’t regularly take care of your oral cavity, the situation may worsen.

As a result of the action of all these factors, the lips become weathered, cracked and do not acquire the most attractive appearance. Therefore, they need to be constantly taken care of in order to maintain a beautiful, charming smile for a long time.

Most lip problems are caused by natural factors, especially during the cold season. At low temperatures, the vessels of the red border of the lips narrow, the lips peel and crack. Therefore, in winter and autumn, you need to carefully monitor the health of your lips, regularly lubricate them with moisturizers. Vegetable oil or cocoa butter, as well as ordinary hygienic lipstick, is well suited for this purpose. Thus, you can both eliminate the problems that have arisen and prevent their occurrence in the future. By the way, remember that glycerin should not be used to soften the skin of the lips in any case, since it does not moisturize the lips, but, on the contrary, makes them rough and dries the skin.

Get rid of the habit of licking your lips, especially if you are outside, as this leads to cracking of the lips and worsens their appearance.

Dryness and flaking of the skin of the lips can also be caused by the use of poor-quality lipstick. Remember: if lips become irritated from lipstick, it must be thrown away immediately, even if you paid a lot of money for it. To relieve irritation from the lips, thoroughly clean them and apply an allergy remedy. If it was not possible to restore the normal state of the lips, rinse the lips in chamomile infusion at night or apply compresses with the same infusion to them, then lubricate the lips with oil.

Until the condition of the skin of the lips returns to normal, you can not use decorative lipstick, you should limit yourself to hygienic.

To keep lips always fresh and healthy, you must follow these recommendations:

1. In order for the lips to be elastic, the remnants of lipstick must be removed not with water, but with a special cream or milk.

2. Lips should be regularly lubricated with an ointment prepared from 1 tsp. boron vaseline and 1/3 tsp. castor oil. If you apply it on your lips every time after eating and before going to bed, your lips will become beautiful and shiny.

3. About once a week, lip exfoliation and special massage should be done to cleanse the skin and improve blood circulation.

4. An ointment of 7 g of cocoa butter, 10 g of vegetable oil and 3 g of beeswax will help get rid of dry lips.

5. Before applying lipstick, lips must be covered with a hygienic agent. In addition, using decorative lipstick every day is not recommended, as it dries out the lips.

If you follow all these instructions, then the skin of the lips will become elastic, bright and healthy.

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