Aug 28, 2022
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“Limited contingent” of the United States in Ukraine will try to wash away the shame for Afghanistan

In the photo: a US Army sergeant instructs a Ukrainian soldier

Pictured: a US Army sergeant instructs a Ukrainian soldier (Photo: AP Photo/Evgeny Kraws/TASS)

The Americans have dropped their masks. An American military mission will be created in Ukraine, which will be headed by a Pentagon rank no lower than a general. He will oversee all arms deliveries, the work of American military advisers, and the training of Kyiv soldiers. But the main thing is to try to convince the world community of the inviolability of American values. The interests of Kyiv, in fact, are secondary …

History has taught: the price of American “freedom” is hundreds of thousands of lives

Washington state propaganda has always strove for mocking symbolism that would cover up the intimidating essence of the “big stick policy.” For example, the military invasion of Haiti in 1994 was called “Support for Democracy.”

A few years later, the re-landing of US Marines in Haiti was called “Safe Tomorrow.”

The 1991-1996 deterrence operation in northern Iraq (less well-known than the Gulf War that preceded it) was called “Consolation” by Washington military PR people. And the American involvement in the Somali Civil War in 1992-1993 suddenly turned out to be a “return of hope.”

The Freedom Deal is the American military invasion of Cambodia from 1970-1973, which was part of the most infamous Vietnam War for the United States. During the invasion, the Americans brought the Cambodians such a “freedom” – more than 150 thousand dead among the civilian population.

Deliberate Force is the bombing of Bosnian Serbs by American aircraft, during which hundreds of civilians were killed in 1995. And now the American military mission in Macedonia in 2001 became the “Rich Harvest”.

American invasion of Panama in 1989 to overthrow the president Manuel Noriega (and actually gain control of the Panama Canal), Jesuitically called the “Just Cause”.

Biden’s political strategists want to take revenge for the flight from Kabul

Over the years, the American media have unanimously praised “Sincere Intentions” and “Main Chance” (both against Iran in 1987-1989, when American destroyers patrolled the Persian Gulf so tasty for them) and even “Rain Dance” (during the invasion of Laos in 1969).

Moreover, Washingtonians clearly do not differ in fantasy. “Vigilant Guard” is a naval blockade of Yugoslavia in 1993-1996. And in those same years, the “Vigilant Warrior” was marching against Iraq, led by a hater of the Americans Saddam Hussein.

“Enduring Freedom” is the American name for the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan (originally they wanted to call the occupation even more mockingly – “Perpetual Justice”).

Following the “Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan, the Americans in 2015 solemnly launched the “Guardian of Freedom” operation. How it ended – the whole world knows. American diplomats and military led by an aged president Joe Biden suffered a shameful loss by fleeing Kabul. It was worse only in Vietnam.

And now in Ukraine, the Americans want to take revenge – not so much military as PR.

Ukraine Support tracker: Americans only promise the lion’s share of military assistance to Ukraine

The military mission is a purely bureaucratic structure, which will have a staffing table. All mission employees (including those involved in the training of the Ukrainian military and the supply of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine) will be able to receive salaries and bonuses.

The mission will be headed by a Pentagon functionary with at least two stars on shoulder straps – that is, a general, the influential American edition of The Wall Street Journal found out. Moreover, as emphasized by the publication, the work of the mission, obviously, will be designed for many years.

The slow-witted Washington political technologists will obviously name the military mission in Ukraine something with an emphasis on “freedom” or “democracy”. These abstract concepts are designed to camouflage the true goal of the Washingtonians in Kyiv – to stuff the whole of Europe with their weapons, tightly tying European countries to American defense supplies.

It is no coincidence that the news about the creation of a military mission coincided with the news about the allocation of another tranche to Kyiv. The United States has promised almost $3 billion more to Ukraine, the largest package of long-term American aid since the start of the special operation.

The package includes advanced air defense systems, up to 24 anti-artillery radar systems, nearly 250,000 artillery rounds, unmanned aerial vehicles and spare parts for guns, the Pentagon said.

The package also includes funding to train the Armed Forces of Ukraine on how to use Western-supplied weapons, Defense Department officials said. All this will now be controlled by the American general planted in Kyiv.

The Pentagon, however, is wishful thinking. This was confirmed by the authors of the Ukraine Support Tracker project from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, which evaluates the volume of military, financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine on a monthly basis.

Since the start of the special operation, the Americans have allocated an amount equivalent to €44.4 billion to Ukraine. At the same time, only €2 billion worth of weapons have been purchased and delivered. €16.4 billion is financial assistance for military purchases (including for future purchases through European countries ). Such figures show that Washington firmly and for a long time tied Kyiv and Brussels with its money. Whatever promises of “freedom” and “democracy” cover it up.

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