Oct 14, 2020
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Lily James, who is suspected of having an affair with a married actor, gave an interview: “It’s better to let yourself loose and do it.”

Lily James, who is suspected of having an affair with a married actor, gave an interview: "It

Lily james

Lily James, 31, and Dominic West, 50, are the top newsmakers this week. The paparazzi caught the stars in one of the cafes in Rome. In the pictures, they kissed and hugged like a pair of lovers. And all would be fine, but the actor has a wife and four children. And the wife, it turns out, did not know how her husband was spending his time. It is not surprising that now the public under a magnifying glass is considering every step of Dominic and Lily, including re-analyzing their past actions. So, today netizens discussed an interview with the actor four years ago, in which he made it clear that the marriage should not collapse because of the man's fleeting romance on the side.

And now everyone is talking about Lily's interview with the American Harper's Bazaar, which she gave before the photos of the star and Dominic West were published during the Roman holidays. It is noteworthy that in an interview, James talks about what is better to do and regret, and not vice versa.

Lily james

The actress explained that while she has made mistakes in the past, she believes that people can recover from the consequences of those wrongdoings.

I make mistakes all the time. This is the whole essence of life. I would not want to run away from the situation or be too scared to act.

I think it's better to let yourself loose and make mistakes with an open mind. It doesn't matter if your intuition tells you the right decision or the wrong one, you can always correct your mistakes and learn from them,

- the actress admitted.

Lily james

She added that she is trying to "build up the armor" and believes that criticism can be helpful if it is constructive.

Criticism can sometimes feel really very personal, or it can feel like a vendetta and an attack on you, which is really hard to deal with. But I am still learning, I am still good at it. All that really matters is how you treat yourself and how the people you love treat you. You can arm yourself with this power and this knowledge,

- she summed up.

Dominic West
Dominic West

James remains silent about the nature of her relationship with Lovers star Dominic West. But the actor himself and his wife Catherine Fitzgerald have already managed to give the first comment about what happened. The couple posed in front of their home before leaving a note for reporters that said:

Our marriage is strong and we are still together.

Dominic and Catherine have been together since 2010 and are raising four children: 13-year-old Dora, 12-year-old Sean, 11-year-old Francis and 7-year-old Christabel. The actor also has an adult daughter from a previous relationship.

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