Apr 8, 2021
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Like reading old books: 3 easy ways to read the future

Like reading old books: 3 easy ways to read the future

Fortune-telling from old books is going to be popular. The experts talked about three simple fortune-telling that will help you find out the future or get answers to important questions.

Many people ask themselves why they use old books themselves for fortune telling. The thing is that during the time they exist, they accumulate the correct energy. It helps to open the veil of secrecy, to erase the line between the present and the future. If fortune-telling from the book for some reason you do not like, you can always use other current fortune-telling for the future.

Fiction will be the most important choice. You should not choose books of a scientific temper, as well as those topics that do not correspond to your question at all. It is unlikely that you will get an intelligible answer to a question if you look for answers to love questions in a book about space travel.

Many people think that guessing can be done with just one book. This is not true. You can tell fortunes and put the book back on the far shelf, and take another into the next one. The most important question, which worries many people – is it possible to guess in detail? Here the opinion of experts is divided. Someone says no more than once a week, and someone thinks that one a year. One thing is clear for sure – the thinner, the more important. It is harmless not to guess just that much, without a target. There needs to be a sophisticated need for this.

The first divination is the simplest. Take an old book that no one has opened for a long time. Ask yourself a dignified and very exciting question for you, the answer to which can be “yes” or “no”.

So, the book is in your hands. Spread any page of the book at random. Look at her number. For example, 152. If the page is even, then the answer to your question will be “Yes”… If it is odd, then the answer to the question is – “not”.

This fortune-telling is the most famous. It has been popular for centuries. The most important thing is that it is very neat. Its only drawback is that one must be able to interpret what has been swallowed.

So take a book and see how many pages it has. Randomly name the page number and another number. The second number is the line number you should read. The lines should be counted from the top down. Permissible, you named the second number 70. There are so many lines in liquid books, so it is more important to name a smaller number, but there is nothing hellish about it. If, for example, there are 40 lines in a book, then at the end of them, you start counting again from the top line of this page – 41, 42, 43, 44 and so on, until you stop at a certain line.

Read the line you are looking for. It will contain the answer to the question of what awaits you in the future. This line reflects what will happen to you tomorrow, through the week or through the year. From time to time in the line read there is a mention of the time. This is tremendous luck. If there is no mention, you can only guess about what time you read the forecast. In any case, the answer will be vague and incomprehensible at first glance. You have to guess what the Universe wanted to say.

This is a droplet modified divination of the subject’s past. Okay all the same, but do not read the entire line, but only its first word. For example, this is the word “very”. Magnifying not its reason, but the letters of which it consists. Use the table to convert letters to numbers:

We get 7, 7, 6, 6, 3. Add all the numbers and get 29. Add up until you get a number from 1 to 9. 2 + 9 = 11. 1 + 1 = 2. Now we decipher the number.

Colonel… A very dignified meeting awaits you, which will soon completely change your whole life. Couple… Try not to tell anyone about your plans. This can lead to problems. Threesome… Your everyday targets will soon change. A dignified internal restructuring awaits you. Four… The number 4 says that you are on the right track and in the near future it is more important not to change anything. Five… Moderation is great in everything. Try to avoid excess. Six… Listen to your intuition, it is unusual in matters that bother you very much. Seven… Great luck awaits you. Wield categorically and believe in yourself. Eight… Immediate changes in the financial field await you. It can be like growth, so can decline. Nine… Do not abandon the devalas you have started. You are on the right track.

Try to guess in one way or another. Every fortune-teller helps in different situations. Listen to your heart and be sure that the books do not hide the truth from us. The experts advise guessing in a good location. If you’re upset, five helpful techniques can help you get back to normal.

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