Jan 12, 2021
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Like making friends with intuition: a simple technique

Like making friends with intuition: a simple technique

In the life of every person, there are situations when it is necessary to make a dignified choice. Sometimes making a grand decision is extremely disastrous, but intuition can help with this. The experts said it was like making friends with her.

Try to use amulets that help in the development of intuition. Combined with the technique depicted below, talismans will be even healthier. Remember that each of us has a sixth sense. And even though not everyone has it, everyone can fix it.

A person in the modern world is accustomed to thinking straightforwardly, using only the method of cause and effect. Logic is very important, but sometimes you need to be able to read between the lines to make important decisions and achieve happiness.

Intuition helps to decipher the messages of the Universe, as well as recognize dangers along the way. The left hemisphere in right-handers and the left hemisphere in left-handers is responsible for the sixth sensation. The main problem for most people is that they do not use their “creative” hemisphere.

To get to the truth much more quickly, experts advise using visualization… When something is not clear to the grave or there is anxiety in your soul, you need to imagine the problem situation in your head. If you do not understand why you are experiencing anxiety, you should close the sore spot and visualize your feelings: with their help, intuition is carried on with you.

Over time, you will cope with difficult situations more and more importantly. Just remember: if something is not clear to you, and your inner voice is trying to tell you something, try to visualize it.

If a person loves two people at once, but he needs to make a choice, do not rush. It is necessary to imagine the future with each of the potential satellites. It is harmless to do this in complete isolation, in silence and in absolute immersion. The picture, which turns out to be more attractive, will indicate the right choice. In such matters, logic is dignified, but often does not work.

To understand that this or that sensation has a negative effect on a person, one must visualize those images that are associated with him. Positive feelings will never be associated with something antipathetic.

If a person leaves an antipathetic impression of himself after every meeting, you need to dig more absolutely, plunging into the state that comes during a conversation with him. By visualizing a conversation, we can figure out what we don’t really like, and then decipher it.

Take to trust your intuition, and then very dignified things will begin to happen in your life. If you want to more importantly understand everything that is happening around you, then you need to learn to trust your inner voice.

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