Oct 14, 2021
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“Like a tomato”: Siberian surgeons saved the patient from chronic facial redness

For the first time, specialists from the Federal Center for Neurosurgery in Novosibirsk performed a surgical operation to eliminate blushing syndrome, a rare condition in which a person’s face is literally filled with paint from every look and the slightest stress.

Blushing syndrome is caused by a disturbance in the response of the central nervous system. The sympathetic part of the central nervous system begins to function excessively, greatly expanding the small blood vessels of the face, even with slight excitement. As a result, a person’s face rapidly turns red or red spots appear.

According to media reports, 50-year-old Igor Radomakin from Krasnoyarsk suffered from the syndrome since school years, but in childhood this disorder did not manifest itself as intensely and often. Over the years, this has become a huge problem: his face turned “crimson like a tomato” even from a glimpse of a security guard in a supermarket. This began to seriously affect his life, including at work.

The man turned to doctors and psychologists many times, but it was all to no avail. In cases where conservative treatment does not help with blushing syndrome, surgical intervention is possible. Igor turned to neurosurgeons in Novosibirsk, the specialists decided to carry out thoracic sympathectomy – a minimally invasive operation, during which the doctor, with the help of small punctures, cuts off a part of the sympathetic nerve with the help of coagulation (cauterization).

The operation was successful, the man fully recovered and is ready to return to normal life. According to specialists from the Federal Neurosurgical Center, this was the first such operation in their practice. Such interventions are very rare, primarily due to the fact that many patients with blushing syndrome are not even aware of the possibility of getting rid of the annoying disorder.

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