Dec 30, 2020
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Like a Pug on an Elephant: in the Crimea, the next scarecrows of Ukraine were ridiculed

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The mental health of some officials of the Square is in doubt

On the Crimean peninsula, they appreciated the scandalous statement of the Ukrainian minister that next year Nezalezhnaya will arrange a “hellish” showdown with our country over the region that has returned to its native harbor. According to the vice-speaker of the Crimean State Council, Efim Fiks, such statements can only cause laughter and regret.

Commenting on the statement of Dmitry Kuleba, the Crimean resident recalled the famous joke about Napoleon in a psychiatric hospital. Severely ill people with delusions of grandeur often talk about great projects that are never destined to come true.

Fix reminded with feigned surprise that now the winter period has come and it is not clear why the Ukrainian official began to aggravate – usually mentally unhealthy people start to rage in the fall or spring, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The politician also invited representatives of the Kiev regime to recall Krylov’s fable about Pug and Elephant. According to Fix’s observations, Ukraine does not even reach the heroine of a popular work – unlike the Moska, who barks at the powerful Elephant, Nezalezhnaya is only capable of yapping angrily.

Let us remind you that today the statement of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nezalezhnaya was made public that Kiev will increase pressure on our country through the “Crimean platform” next year.

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