Jan 4, 2022
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“Light the fire!”: French youth against President Macron

On New Year’s Eve and the following days, a wave of arson of cars parked on the street swept across France. By the first day of the new year, 648 arson were recorded, 874 cars were burned. The police managed to detain more than a dozen arsonists.

The French Interior Ministry reports that this time the number of destroyed cars is less than in the past, when vandals burned 1,316 cars. In total, over the past year, the French police interrogated 441 people in cases related to similar crimes (in 2020 there were 376 people) and placed 381 people in custody, which exceeds the record level of 2019 (314 people). Arsons were recorded in 12 administrative districts throughout the country.

Experts from the Center for the Study of Political Radicalism (Observatory of Political Radicals) indicate that the tradition of setting fire to cars as a sign of political protest first originated in France in the late 1980s, and after 2000 acquired the character of an epidemic. So, in 2008, the number of burned vehicles increased by 221% compared to 2007. The reason is the dissatisfaction of citizens with the president’s policies Sarkozy

Experts call the current acts of vandalism an anti-republican protest against the economic policy of the current government in the person of the president. Emmanuel Macron… An alarming signal is that at the very beginning of the 2000s the number of arson was 300-400 cars, but since 2008 it has never dropped below 804 and in most cases exceeded 1000. The most fruitful year was 2019, when almost 1.5 thousand were burned down. machines.

This is reflected even in youth music. In group songs HTM, Black berry and others promoting protest moods, the words “Long live the fire!”, “What are you waiting for? Light the fire” are heard. And the group Sniper in the song “France” (France) sings: “The only way to make you hear is to set the car on fire.” (The only way to be heard is to burn the cars)

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