Jan 12, 2021
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Life hack: How to make the sole of shoes anti-slip

Life hack How to make the sole of shoes anti-slip

The reason for the fall of pedestrians on the street in the ice is the sliding sole. Moving around in such shoes often ends up with serious injuries, and at least painful bruises. Let’s take a look at some tips for choosing a shoe and what to do to keep the sole stable on ice.

Tip 1. Evaluate the sole

The sole of winter shoes should not be smooth. The more protuberances, depressions and relief patterns on it, the more stable it is on ice. The material of the sole is also important. Rubber starts to slide in frost from –12 ° С, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) from –50 ° С, hard synthetic materials slide constantly.

Life hack How to make the sole of a shoe non-slip - Evaluate the sole

Tip 2. Carry a cloth adhesive with you

In dry frosty weather, you can stick a cloth adhesive plaster crosswise on a pre-cleaned sole. If the shoes slip a lot, then with its help you can quickly fix it and get to the final destination without falling. In wet weather, the patch will fall off.

Apply an adhesive plaster to the sole

Tip 3. Apply glue

You can apply PVA or superglue in zigzags to the sole and let it dry. The hardened thorns will last for about a month. You can sprinkle it with sand while the glue is not dry, then the effect will be even better. Important! It is better not to walk on the varnished floor in such shoes, as dry glue will scratch it.

Apply glue to the sole

Tip 4. Rub the sole with sandpaper

Lightly rubbing the sole of the sole with fine-grained sandpaper to a matt finish will make it more resistant on ice. The process is repeated periodically as the outsole starts to slip again.

Rub the sole with sandpaper

Tip 5. Buy ice shoes

Very high stability is provided by studded overhead ice shoes with rubber straps. Boots do not slip with them. Choose ice shoes that are quick to install and remove. It is inconvenient to walk in them on a normal surface, therefore, after passing a slippery area, they can be unhooked.

Buy ice shoes for your shoes so they don't slip

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