Sep 3, 2021
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Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller urged comrades to rebel

US Marine Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was suspended from service after his August 27 video in Facebookcriticized the high command over the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and announced that he was stepping down.

“I am not saying that we can return what has been done. All I asked was accountability so that people would comment on what I said and confirm, “Yes, mistakes were made.” And if they did it, I would return to the army “, Scheller declared. He says he has given up pensions and benefits because the pursuit of “stability and money” makes people “slaves to the system.”

Sheller stepped in after it became known that 13 US Marines were among those killed in Kabul. Scheller criticized Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milli, for allowing the closure of Bagram airfield by organizing an evacuation via Kabul airport: “Did any of you throw your stars on the table and say, ‘Hey, is it a bad idea to evacuate Bagram airfield, a strategic air base, before we evacuate everyone?”

Sheller was sent to the hospital for a mental health check, then he submitted his resignation and published an open letter in which he condemned the statement of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin: the minister announced that the main threat to the US Armed Forces is COVID-19. According to Scheller, the increase in suicides among combat veterans, which exceeded six thousand a year, is much more dangerous.

“Like many of you, I am very scared. But courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to overcome it. After all, if I stand for accountability and decency, the system will not win me over. We can’t ALL be wrong. They only have power because we allow it. Every generation needs a revolution, – completed his address to the head of the Pentagon, the Marine.

Scheller’s video message received over 70 thousand views in Facebook… He refused to accept material assistance from his supporters and turned to them with a request to help the families of the fallen American soldiers.

War portal Challenge and proposal noticed the fact that Scheller’s appeal is addressed not only to ordinary military personnel, but also to ordinary Americans, “blue collars.”

In networks distributed by a letter from another American military, in which he explains that if the evacuation took place through the huge Bagram base, the number of victims would be minimal or not at all.

“The base in Bagram could accommodate up to 100 thousand refugees, providing them with temporary housing. The base is built to accommodate, supply, service and feed tens of thousands of people with a well-protected airstrip designed for the largest aircraft, capable of simultaneously loading and unloading dozens of aircraft.

Bagram is outside the city limits and has a large runway. Instead, it was decided to use Kabul, a densely populated urban area where our evacuation route did not have prepared defenses. ”

The networks draw attention to the fact that after the events of January 6 near the Capitol, 26 thousand soldiers were guarding 535 members of Congress, and only five thousand soldiers provided the evacuation of 15 thousand Americans from Kabul.

Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was not alone in condemning the actions of the military command. August 31 on the website of the organization America’s flagship officers An appeal was issued by some 90 retired generals calling for the resignation of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milli. The high command was supposed to prevent mistakes made during the withdrawal of US troops, as a result of which 13 American Marines were killed, the authors of the appeal believe, and if they did everything in their power, but the president did not listen to them, they should immediately resign.

The 90 Letter was signed, among others, by Admiral John Poindexter, National Security Adviser to President Ronald Reagan and Rep. Ronnie Jackson, former White House chief physician under Obama and Trump.

General Michael Flynn, former Trump national security adviser and former head of US military intelligence, also responded to the events in Afghanistan. “It breaks my heart when I see Afghans flooding Kabul airport in the hope of escaping the Taliban … I believe that after Afghanistan we can no longer rely on top military leaders, talking heads and politicians … Many of our generals are so indecisive and not inclined to take risks, that they act only as politicians striving for a career … This is a complete and total disaster, and our enemies will forever shame us. All military commanders must immediately resign in disgrace. And the president must resign: obviously, he is unable to make clear decisions and make the safety of American citizens his top priority … “ – writes Flynn in his column in Western magazine

General Flynn is today one of the leading organizers of the Republican campaign against the Biden administration. He led the movement QAnon, to which a number of organizations of American conservatives have joined.

Flynn launched, as we wrote, his own news agency Digital soldiers (Digital Soldiers) “To fill the void that was once real journalism”

At rallies in support of Republicans and personally Donald Trump, next to Michael Flynn, you can see centenary General Jack Sinclaub, a World War II veteran and the de facto founder of the CIA, as he writes Daily beast

General Flynn’s bodyguard was taken over by members of the 1st Amendment Praetorians paramilitary group. (1st Praetorian Amendment – 1AP)led by former Bronze Star and Purple Heart award-winning Green Beret Sergeant Richard Patrick Lewis. He repeats the words of Stuart Scheller: “We need to talk about revolution.” Lewis has already begun creating a network of training camps “to prepare patriots for the revolution.”

America’s crisis is deepening.

Cover photo: Stuart Scheller

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