Aug 15, 2022
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Lies are the basis of public policy

Arestovich keeps telling that the day is not far off when the “independence defenders” will hoist the Ukrainian flag over the Kremlin

Ukrainian military reports and reality exist in different dimensions. According to the Kyiv propagandists, “everything is under control”, the Russians are not able to move forward, they are stopped by the resistance of the UAF everywhere. And the indefatigable Arestovich says that the Russian army is retreating and the day is not far off when the “independence defenders” will hoist the Ukrainian flag over the Kremlin.

Everything, as Goebbels taught: “No “I suppose”, “maybe”, “there is another point of view”. Only black and white. Only true enemies and true friends. No halftones and no doubts about your rightness. Goebbels said that reports about the actions of the enemy should stun, or better, terrify. Even if the lie is exposed, its roots will remain, they will give new shoots of fiction, which, perhaps, will shock even more. Defeats on the fronts must be hidden. Successes, even the smallest ones, must be exaggerated many times over. And if there are no small victories, they should be invented.

This is how Ukrainian propagandists operate. The lie has ingrained itself into the skin, has become a habit, it is operated on in a variety of variations. And many, as if hypnotized, take a lie for the truth. Well, how can one not believe the official representative of the Ukrainian General Staff, Shtupun, who, appearing at a briefing in full military uniform, claims, for example, that the enemy “tried to attack west of Donetsk”, but “had no success”?

False reports about “victories” are designed not only for domestic consumption. Their main purpose is export. The West must be sure that it is not in vain that it saturates Ukraine with money and weapons. Zelensky constantly repeats this, not forgetting to reach out for another handout… The face of the former actor is flabby, heavy. He, as expected, depicts the work of thought, but this is a familiar actor’s pose. There is thick darkness in the long tunnel of problems, and Zelensky can only ask, pray, beg for money and weapons from the West.

The Russian armed forces are advancing. Citizens of Ukraine do not want to go to die. It got to the point that in the former Dnepropetrovsk, and now the Dnieper, the local mafia is trying to “in a good way” agree on the surrender of the city so that it is not destroyed.

Despite the efforts of Kyiv to hide the truth, Western partners know that there is no question of any “overcomes”, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are retreating, incurring losses. A large part of the weapons entering Ukraine from abroad are sold, destroyed or captured as trophies by Russian troops. However, the West continues to stubbornly climb into the Ukrainian quagmire, despite the abundance of its own problems.

“If the current trajectory continues, the billions of dollars allocated by NATO allies to Ukraine for weapons, ammunition and infrastructure, and even more armor, missiles, projectiles and troops available to Russia, are likely to lead to a protracted, painful stalemate, conflict of attrition, writes an American magazine The National Interest. “Zelensky’s tenacity is likely to be increasingly seen as irrepressible, as moral complacency, as… tedium, even as greed and gluttony.”

So, the West does not calculate the risk of escalating the situation for itself?

On the one hand, this is true. European countries are led by weak politicians. The Serbian publication “Pechat” writes in the article “The Circus of the Collective West”: “If people knew how narrow-minded people rule the world, they would die of fear … Indeed, when learning amazing news from the world media, a sane person cannot get rid of the impression that the fate of billions of people is left at the mercy of dilettantes and jesters. After all, what Hollywood has been giving out as a comedy for several decades is now becoming a reality..

On the other hand, the West cannot back down without bowing its head to Russia.

Recently, a donor conference “Copenhagen – Ukraine – 2022” was held in Denmark with the participation of representatives of the military departments of 26 countries. At it, Zelensky, as usual, called on Western countries to give Ukraine more money. And he exclaimed with pathos: “The sooner we stop Russia, the sooner we can feel safe!” Zelensky’s donors nodded their heads in agreement and promised to allocate an additional one and a half billion euros for Ukraine’s military spending.

… It seems that the old, rusty rake is constantly lying at the doorstep of the main office of the European Union in Brussels. And all members of the European Union attack them with masochistic obstinacy, wanting to “bring Ukraine closer to victory.”

However, there are more and more signs that Europe is starting to get tired of Ukraine. Is insight possible? And what price will the nations have to pay for it?

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