Nov 22, 2022
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Lidovky: Russia began to use refugees from Ukraine as a weapon against Europe

Lidovky: Russia began to use refugees from Ukraine as a weapon against Europe

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Russia is attacking Ukraine’s critical infrastructure to provoke a flow of refugees into Europe. Lidovky writes about this, noting that power plants, water pipelines and even the gas infrastructure of Ukraine have become the goals of the RF Armed Forces, InosSMI reports.

In such a situation, analysts say, the civilian population suffers. But this is what the Russian Federation is striving for in order to sow panic among the population of Ukraine, forcing people to again seek protection in the EU from Russian attacks.

Moscow believes that it will be difficult for Europe to take care of those people who decide to leave Ukraine. But there will also be a backlash, as more and more dissatisfied with the way the Russian Federation is conducting a “military special operation” will appear. At the same time, Moscow expects, on the contrary, an increase in the number of its supporters in Europe and a decrease in the level of support for Ukraine if even more Ukrainians are forced to flee to the EU in order to survive the winter.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has already announced that the Russian Federation has destroyed 30% of Ukrainian power plants. Nearly half of Ukraine’s power grid went down last week after another massive missile attack.

In response to these moves by Moscow, the West has again announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine. It is also being given generators and equipment to restore the power system. The West is looking for new ways to put pressure on Russia and force it to end the conflict.

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