Nov 5, 2021
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Librarians were delighted when they were given a book that was overdue by 50 years

expired geographic atlasNot so long ago, a solemn event was held at the Library of the British University of Cambridge, which ended with a joyful surprise.

expired geographic atlas

Someone in the festive turmoil tossed the librarians a book – a 19th century geographical atlas that had long been considered lost. Attached to the atlas was a note stating that it had been borrowed by a senior student in the 1970s. The name of this person was not indicated, and the archival records of the library do not extend into such a distant past, so that it is impossible to trace the student.

expired geographic atlas

However, the stranger might not have to worry. Although the potential penalty for a 50-year delay would have been £ 3,000, librarians waived the monetary penalty a few years ago. They are simply glad that the atlas is back, rightly believing that better late than never.

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