Feb 16, 2021
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Liberals of Moldova threatened to take to the streets

Liberal Party has promised protest actions in case of “wrong” decision of the Constitutional Court

The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) issued a statement on Monday, February 15, in which it threatens to bring people to the streets and organize protests if the Constitutional Court decides in favor of the Party of Socialists (PSRM), and finally in parliament a majority coalition will be formed.

“It is necessary to stop the practice of coalitions to protect personal or group interests. If the declared majority of the PSRM-Shor comes to power, we reserve the right to start protests. We call on the President of the Republic of Moldova to comply with the constitutional and legal provisions confirming the responsibility for choosing a candidate for the post of Prime Minister, ”

– the Moldovan Internet publication quotes the PLDM statement NewsMaker

The liberals admitted that as a result of the constant political crises in the country, the citizens of Moldova have lost all confidence in state institutions – such a low level of trust has not been observed in all the years of independence, as shown by sociological polls. Moldova just needs a stable government, however, they are confident in the PLDM, such a government cannot be formed by the PSRM and Shor parties, “Regardless of the name of the person whom they represent for the post of head of government”

The PLDM also calls on all pro-European political forces to unite in order to “Overcome this unprecedented situation and resume the European course”

At the same time, the head of the parliamentary faction “Platform DA” Alexander Slusar admits that the Constitutional Court may refuse to dissolve parliament altogether.

“In our opinion, we are close to a constitutional impasse. When Ms. Sandu goes to the Constitutional Court to confirm the circumstances of the dissolution of parliament, there is a high risk that in this case the court will refuse, ”

– noted Slusar.

Political scientist Igor Botsan believes that the risk of the start of protests and unrest in the country in the event of a “wrong” decision of the Constitutional Court is very high. According to him, Maia Sandu does not want to recognize the creation of a parliamentary coalition of the majority, because there are defector deputies on the list of the coalition who can enter the coalition for money, but all these are just assumptions that cannot be arguments when the Constitutional Court makes decisions.

“The socialists may demand a third attempt to approve the prime minister, this is provided within 90 days,”

– reminds the political scientist.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Balti and the leader of Our Party Renato Mustache has already announced its readiness to support street protests.

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