Apr 30, 2021
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"Let’s go out": In Komi, they deal with the deputy’s attacks on the chapter and the recording "surreptitiously"

In Komi, they commented on the scandal between the governor Vladimir Uyba and the deputy of the regional parliament Oleg Mikhailov.

The press service of the head of Komi, Vladimir Uyba, commented on the scandalous audio recording that appeared on the Internet, in which the governor threatens with the use of a mat to the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Oleg Mikhailov.

Earlier, an audio recording appeared on Mikhailov’s Telegram channel, on which Uyba allegedly communicates obscenely: “Who did you call a coward? , (obscenely), let’s go out. Tvaryna, (obscenely). I’ll ruin you (obscenely), let’s go out, if you are a man. ” Reported by MK. The deputy claimed that the recording was made after the meeting of the Komi parliament on April 29.

As the press service of the governor of Uyba explained to RIA Novosti, the incident occurred during the governor’s report to parliament:

Oleg Alekseevich (Mikhailov, from the Communist Party) … began his speech with insults at Vladimir Viktorovich (Uyba) … insulted a person who was three times awarded the Order of Courage, an honored doctor, a physician who saved lives in hot spots. At the same time, the head did not succumb to an obvious provocation, calmly listened to this whole speech.

According to the press service, the governor approached the communist “and demanded clarification, addressing him in the same language in which Oleg Alekseevich, apparently, only understands.” The press service of Uyba noted that the deputy Mikhailov “surreptitiously” recorded the conversation.

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