Dec 31, 2020
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Let’s be optimists! Celebrities congratulate readers of “AiF”

Valentina Matvienko, Chairman of the Federation Council:

– Everything will be good for Russia in the coming year, believe me. Yes, it will not be easy, but overall it will be positive. I believe that we have already passed the most difficult period. Let’s be optimists, let’s not believe all sorts of horror stories, predictions and fortune-telling. You don’t need to guess on the coffee grounds. Much will depend only on you and me. From how confident we are in ourselves, persistent in achieving our goals. I want all of us to celebrate the New Year in a good mood, with hope for the best, with love. All in our hands!

Yadviga Poplavskaya, People’s Artist of Belarus, ex-soloist of the Verasy ensemble:

– I would like to wish the readers of “AiF” that the coming year, 2021, will be like a rainbow and please with bright, warm shades that give energy, positive, harmony, strength. So that there is no place in the heart for sad thoughts, and in the soul – a reason for lowered wings. So that adversity is bypassed, and Hope, Faith, Forgiveness and Love were your inner guidelines.

Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation:

– I want to congratulate you on the fact that spring has come on December 24, that the longest night of the year is already in the past. I wish that all your dreams come true, that new ones appear, and even better – would be evenly distributed throughout your life. To make something come true every day!

Happy New Year!

Vasily Melnichenko, director of the agricultural enterprise “Galkinskoe”:

– I congratulate all compatriots, all readers of “AiF” with the coming New Year! I wish my fellow countrymen that food will be our medicine until medicine becomes our food. Let the sources of spring water not run out on our Earth, which gives us strength and health!

Let’s all take care of them together. We will take care of our forests, rivers, our land-breadwinner, so that we have something to pass on to future generations. One, as you know, is not a warrior in the field, but together we are strength! So let this force always be directed to a peaceful channel!

Mikhail Boyarsky, artist:

– This year our family had the opportunity to get together at home and at the dacha in full force, with children and grandchildren. This happened for the first time in many years and it was a real happiness. Therefore, I wish everyone, everyone, first of all, health, so that no infection will stick. And to be able to communicate with loved ones. And do not be discouraged! Despondency, as you know, is one of the sins, so let’s not multiply them. Yes, it’s not easy for everyone today. But my native Leningrad-Petersburg, all of Russia, was not so worried either. So don’t be sad. And if someone is in a mood now clearly not for the New Year, let’s look into the future. The days, even for a minute, began to increase, the light becomes more. May the New Year bring good news as soon as possible!

Victor Zakharchenko, thin leader of the Kuban Cossack Choir:

– I wish the readers of “AIF” in the new year of love, peace, harmony and prosperity! The outgoing year was not easy. But there was also good in him. In 2020, there was a spiritual and patriotic breakthrough. Thanks to the amendments to the Basic Law, we have the opportunity to strengthen our faith and independence.

We are a catholic people and together we will overcome all obstacles: we will cope with illnesses – both physical and spiritual. Russia is a multinational and multi-confessional country. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we are one in our good, benevolent aspirations. I wish all of us not to lose this unity in any way.

God with us! Guardian angel everyone! Merry Christmas!

Leonid Roshal, Professor, Children’s Doctor of the World:

– Dear readers of my favorite “Arguments and Facts”! I would very much like to come to every home on the rights of Santa Claus in this difficult time and give families goodness, happiness, and a smile. In my opinion, there is no brighter holiday than New Year. This is the time for summing up the results and the birth of plans for the future. Yes, 2020 was a particularly challenging year – COVID has dramatically changed everyone’s life. But we are optimists, right? There was not even the most difficult period in the history of mankind that would not have passed. And this time will be gone. We, of course, will be sad about those who left untimely. But we must live on. You have to think about society, about your family, about yourself. See you in 2021! Health to all!

Yuri Buziashvili, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Deputy Director of the National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery. Bakuleva:

– Dear friends!

I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year. Of course, I wish you health, without which no blessings of the world will bring you joy, peace of mind and family well-being, for which we live and work. I also wish you to remain readers of the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper, which contains only verified information and really useful advice from the most famous doctors in our country.

Larisa Rubalskaya, poet:

– Let the readers of Argumenty i Fakty, a newspaper that I love and respect, have no worries in their hearts in the new year 2021. The year 2020 turned out to be very difficult. Therefore, my main wish is not to peer into past sorrows, not to look back. There is no need to carry all this burden, like a backpack behind your back, into the future. Let’s all revise our thoughts in the new year. We will deliberately focus on the pluses, think about what is good in our life. And by an effort of will we stop thinking about the bad and what we do not have. It is not in vain that they say: misfortunes love the unfortunate, diseases love the sick. So let’s all be healthy and happy in 2021!

Vladimir Khotinenko, director:

– For me, not only this year, but the entire twentieth anniversary has been productive – I have shot both films and TV series. But! .. All events, no matter how important, were blocked by this damn pandemic. Moreover, she covered the entire future with fog. And it is not yet clear at what point we are. And now it is very important to strengthen people, to guide them so that they do not lose their human life. Therefore, I would raise a glass of toast “Lord, give us reason!” But my main toast is to the miracle of life! Because it is truly an incredible miracle and sacrament. I was an excellent student at school, but I still don’t understand how beautiful, smart, talented people are made from a tiny sperm. Therefore, I want to wish this miracle to be repeated again and again!

Angelica Varum, singer:

– I would like to say thank you to the past year. Difficult times unite. We were so impetuous in our thoughts, ideas and plans for their implementation that sometimes we did not have time to sympathize, help, lend a helping hand. And from this spiritual vacuum suddenly began to break through a mutual desire to sympathize and assist … In recent years, the phrase “Nothing human is alien to us” has acquired an ironic and sarcastic connotation. Today, along with the world, the tonality of this saying is changing. On the eve of the holiday, I would like to wish AiF readers and all Russians health, prosperity, peace and balance. And may nothing truly human be alien to us in the coming year.

Ekaterina Gamova, volleyball player, two-time world champion and ambassador of the AiF. Kind heart”:

– On New Year’s Eve, I will definitely write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it in a candle flame, and dissolve the ashes in a glass of champagne. And this desire is for health to all of us. Dear AIF readers, take care of yourself and appreciate the time you spend with your family!

May life be able to return to its usual course in 2021 and we will celebrate the next holiday as usual – with a big company. Let something light, warm and undisturbing await us ahead.

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