Feb 20, 2021
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“Let Djokovic worry.” Medvedev reached the final of the Australian Open

Match against greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas didn’t promise to be easy for Daniil Medvedev… So, in general, it turned out. Actually, it could not have been otherwise in the semifinals of the Grand Slam tournament. And let the final score 6: 4, 6: 2, 7: 5 not mislead.

Winning three sets

It took Medvedev 2 hours and 9 minutes to break the resistance of Tsitsipas, who demonstrated tennis of the highest level at the Australian Open. At this tournament, they were neighbors in sowing: the Russian was the fourth, and the Greek was the fifth. So their level of play is about the same, everything had to be decided by readiness at a particular moment.

The first games of the match, the opponents confidently took their serve, practically leaving each other for a break. But at the end of the set with the score 4: 4, Medvedev managed to use two mistakes of the Greek and bring him to victory (6: 4). The second set was a little easier for the Russian tennis player (6: 2). It seemed that Daniel would easily bring the match to victory. In the third set with the score 3: 1 in his favor, he had two breaks, but failed to make the score 4: 1.

Tsitsipas at that moment caught the courage and began to show his best tennis: confident, aggressive, high-speed. Medvedev swam a little and began to make many mistakes. As a result, Stefanos even took the lead for the first time in the game and had a chance to catch on to the set. However, Daniel pulled himself together in time and, due to impeccable feeds, restored his confidence. With the score 5: 5, he managed to take the opponent’s serve, and then did not leave the Greek a single chance on his own (7: 5).

Thus, Daniil Medvedev reached the Grand Slam final for the second time in his career after the US Open in 2019. Then the Russian lost Rafael Nadal in five sets. Now is a new chance to take the first Grand Slam in his career. Daniel is in superb form with his 20th consecutive victory! Moreover, he has this 12th consecutive victory over tennis players from the top 10 rankings: this is only the ninth time in the history of men’s tournaments.

Medvedev: “I’ve worked all my life”

“Of course, it was not easy. We saw in the match with Rafa: the first two sets ended with about the same score, Rafa dominated, but Stefanos managed to win. I must say, I got a little scared and squeezed: this is the semifinals of the Slam, and we played in them not 50 times, like Newbie and Roger

I’m glad that I was able to add in the tense moments on the pitch. I’m glad I made it to the final.

I’ve just worked hard my whole life. And I am very glad that I have achieved this, because this episode will remain with me, even when I may be in your place – to interview.

This will be my record, but not a tennis record, because we still have Novak and Roger who have won many victories.

This is a great achievement for me. To be honest, before Paris I felt terrible, lost stubborn matches, did not feel the game. But through hard work I was able to change the situation.

I hope to keep moving on. Djokovic has not lost a single final out of eight, so all the pressure is on him: he needs to catch up with Roger and Rafa in victories in Grand Slam. I hope I go out and show my best game. We have already seen that I can win big if I play well.

Of course, he has more experience. But he can also lose more, ”Medvedev said immediately after the match with Tsitsipas.

The final match between Medvedev and Novak Djokovic will begin on Sunday, February 21, at 11:30 Moscow time.

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