Jan 16, 2022
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Lera Kudryavtseva’s daughter showed how she can swim in the pool


Presenter Lera Kudryavtseva shared a video from her vacation in Dubai.

The TV presenter has been working on television for most of her life. She does not hide that she loves to spend time with her family. However, even the usual weekend she has to spend on the set.

For this reason, she takes a vacation several times a year. Lera is raising her daughter Maria, whom she took to a ballet camp in Sochi in the summer. But she decided to spend the winter holidays in Dubai.

For several days now, Kudryavtseva has been enjoying warm weather. She walks with her daughter in parks and visits exhibitions. Young husband Igor Makarov also always accompanies her.

Recently, the three-year-old heiress of the couple is increasingly showing character. She had already resented her mother several times. But Lera always finds something to entertain her with. This time she filmed how the baby frolicked in the pool.

Maria was in a lemon bikini with an open back. A fashionable outfit was complemented by a hairstyle with pigtails and hairpins. The baby was playing with a ball. She splashed in the pool, not noticing the other children.

Fans admired the TV presenter’s daughter. Many noted that she is growing beautiful. “What a doll”, “That’s the eyes”, “It’s just lovely”, “She’s so graceful”, “The figure will be chic, all in mom”, “What eyes, you can drown in them”, “I like her so much”, “Not developed over the years”, Netizens commented on the footage.

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