Jan 12, 2022
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Lera Kudryavtseva’s daughter became a fashionista


Host Lera Kudryavtseva shared a video from her vacation in Dubai.

The TV presenter does not hide that she loves to spend time with her family. However, she usually has to be on the set most of the time.

The blonde hosts two programs, and also regularly participates in social life. However, January for most stars of show business becomes a time when you can relax. Kudryavtseva did the same when she left with her husband Igor Makarov and daughter Maria for Dubai.

For several days, the TV presenter has been basking on the beach. During the day she sunbathes, and in the evening she walks with the heiress. The day before, Lera took her to the Flower Park. Then the baby was noted in a mini-skirt and a sweater.

But on January 11, the blonde was photographed with her on the beach. Kudryavtseva decided to show off in a swimsuit and a bandana. Maria wore the same bandana. They also supplemented their beach bows with sunglasses. The girl clung to her mother.

The touching footage amazed netizens. Many noted that Mary has an extraordinary beauty.

What kind of dolls “,” Very stylish “,” You are like American divas on vacation “,” What a sweet Masha “,” Maria Igorevna is not a childish adult “,” Mom’s fashionista “,” Oh, what beauties! “,” You are definitely the queen of the beach “,” Masha’s mother is just a beauty “,” And you can’t say that she is 50 years old.“, – began to write web users.

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