Nov 22, 2022
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Lera Kudryavtseva spoke about her breakdowns


Presenter Lera Kudryavtseva admitted that she was being attacked by a zhor.

The TV presenter is quite self-critical. The TV star often admits his shortcomings. So this time she talked about the fact that she is inclined to be overweight if she does not follow proper nutrition.

51-year-old Kudryavtseva is frank with fans. The presenter does not hide that she has a weakness, and this is a love for delicious food, especially at night.

I love the night. I love it when everyone is sleeping and it’s your time. I like to eat at night (a lot), and in the morning I swear that again I have an extra two kg. And when I get fat, I say: “The barn is on fire – burn the hut,” and I start eating even more. And now I lie and think that I have in the refrigerator. Went to the fridge”, the star writes in his personal Telegram channel.

Lera Kudryavtseva - photo from the archive -
Lera Kudryavtseva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

By the way, the blonde previously complained that she no longer receives compliments from her husband. “Ler, can I have a personal question? Are you often told that you are a very sexy woman?“Vladimir Marconi asked her in the Comment Out YouTube show. “I have been married for a long time. My husband stopped telling me this … No, not often”, Kudryavtseva answered him.

So, the star retouches photos to be more attractive. “I generally don’t post a single photo without photoshop, so what? I immediately say, everything here is photoshop! Everyone dislikes something about themselves. And that’s ok”, – said Kudryavtseva on the air of the program “The Stars Came Together” on the NTV channel.

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