Oct 24, 2021
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Lera Kudryavtseva showed the achievements of her 3-year-old daughter


50-year-old TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva shared a series of videos in which she captured the achievements of her daughter Masha.

The famous TV presenter, married to hockey player Andrei Makarov, is raising a daughter. Recently, the girl went to kindergarten, where she is studying two languages ​​at once – Russian and English. Three-year-old Masha is adored by Kudryavtseva’s subscribers.

The star mom shared cute videos on her Instagram page. The TV presenter showed how she and her daughter are having fun on the playground. In one of the videos, Masha is rehearsing a “difficult” jump. The girl counted to three, checked for a mask, hat and headphones, and jumped from a small platform.

Everything, into space you can“, Lera joked behind the scenes.

Incredible girl🔥! I have not seen such! ❤️“, – wrote in the comments Larisa Guzeeva. “The baby has matured. Share this wonderful girl more often“, – added one of the presenter’s subscribers.

Kudryavtseva also captured Mashenka with a “manicure”. The girl put a raspberry berry on each finger and said that it was “painted varnishes”. Then she shook the berries off her fingers and ate them safely.

Lera also showed how her 3-year-old Masha makes beads by stringing each bead on a string.

Well, what a sweetheart😍😍 “,” She is a very clever girl “,” You have Masha, magical “,” What a cute bunny !!! Lera!!!! here it is Happiness “,” Mashulya miracle“, – admirers of Kudryatseva admire Masha.

Recall that Lera Kudryavtseva for a very long time could not become a mother. Pregnancy came only after the third IVF attempt. The long-awaited heiress was born in August 2018.

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