Sep 4, 2022
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Lera Kudryavtseva cannot rejuvenate for any money


51-year-old presenter Lera Kudryavtseva shared a photo without makeup.

A TV presenter with the help of skin care cosmetics and perfect makeup can “rejuvenate” by twenty years. The TV presenter knows how to hide her flaws and emphasize her virtues. She is always dressed to the nines and looks amazing. At the same time, the wife of 34-year-old hockey player Igor Makarov, with a healthy dose of irony and humor, refers to a big age difference with her chosen one.

The TV presenter is not at all complex due to the fact that she has wrinkles on her face. As Lera noted, only weakness scares her in old age. And the fact that everyone will someday grow old, as the TV personality says, is inevitable. Therefore, Kudryavtseva is always for the truth. So this time, the TV presenter shared an even picture without embellishment, almost poking her nose into the camera lens.

Kudryavtseva decided to show the picture herself, in which all imperfections are visible even under the tonal foundation, powder and blush. The photo was just taken up close.

Lera Kudryavtseva showed her face with wrinkles. Photo: personal archive

It’s me girls! So do not build illusions! Maybe I’ll post it myself! For do not care“, – said Kudryavtseva, making it clear that she absolutely does not care about the opinion of the haters.

Lera Kudryavtseva without makeup
Lera Kudryavtseva without makeup

Fans supported the TV presenter, admiring the fact that Lera is not afraid to show herself even in this form with wrinkles and “creases” on her skin.

The whole face is dotted with wrinkles! And still the best”, “Lerka, well done! Here is the baba! She gave the whole truth”, “Yes, everyone is like that! What to hide something”, “But honestly! We love you”, “Smart girl! So them!”, “She showed herself, and rightly so! To silence the envious”, — wrote the followers.

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