Jan 26, 2021
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Lera Kudryavtseva burned out on the sale of protective masks in a pandemic

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva admitted that she was trying to make money from the coronavirus pandemic, but failed. She told about this on the air of the “Secret for a Million” program on NTV.

The hero of the new release was the singer, ex-soloist of the group “Tea for Two” Stas Kostyushkin. Together with him, the TV presenter began a conversation on the topic of COVID-19 and unexpectedly opened up. Kudryavtseva said that she wanted to do a business with medical masks, but in the end she was left without money.

“At the very beginning of the pandemic, a friend of mine from China said:“ Now we will make a batch of masks very quickly. I throw money there, a huge batch of masks is brought here. ” But nothing happened. “He could not realize them, because we have everything covered with masks. Now they are there – no money, no masks, ”Lera shared.

To her surprise, Stas said that he had a similar experience. The singer planned to sell Chinese masks at the expense of his popular name. However, I ended up with the same result.

According to media reports, many Russian stars have tried to cash in on the coronavirus by selling personal protective equipment at exorbitant prices. So, the Little Big group, the singer Keti Topuria, the ex-soloist of the “Brilliant” group Ksenia Novikova and the designer Bella Potemkina sold fabric masks from 1000 rubles under their own brand. Former lover Timati Anastasia Reshetova and TV presenter Tina Kandelaki offered protective gels for hands, on average, for 500 rubles per bottle of sanitizer.

In addition to the burnt-out business, Kudryavtseva and Kostyushkin discussed their personal lives. The singer admitted that he allowed himself to be rude to his wife Julia, with whom he has been married for 14 years.

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