May 29, 2022
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“Leopards” will not reach Kyiv


State Secretary of the German Ministry of Defense and Member of the Bundestag from the SPD Zimtje Meller reported that Germany does not supply Ukraine with infantry fighting vehicles and tanks of Western models, as there is a unified position of the federal government and NATO allies.

According to the DPA agency, there is an informal agreement among the NATO states to refuse the supply of certain weapons systems to Ukraine.

As confirmed in close circles in Brussels, this should reduce the risk of a direct military confrontation between NATO states and Russia. There are fears that Russia may officially regard the supply of Western battle tanks and fighter jets as an act of the alliance’s participation in hostilities in Ukraine, and, therefore, take retaliatory measures.

Is it true? Maybe it’s easier not to arm Ukraine at all? Then there will be no risk of confrontation…

— Yes, it is quite possible that such agreements exist. Advisor to the President of the Russian Association for Baltic Studies Vsevolod Shimov.

“However, you need to understand that the supply of many types of weapons is technically difficult, since they will require a large-scale training program for the Ukrainian military. The mass dispatch of Western “instructors” capable of working on foreign equipment is also difficult, since it can really be perceived as a direct NATO military intervention in the conflict. Stocks of old Soviet equipment from NATO countries are coming to an end.

“SP”: – At the same time, the United States is going to supply Kyiv with howitzers and MLRS capable of launching tactical missiles. They kind of can?

– The United States is far away, Russia has less leverage on them than on neighboring European countries. Therefore, yes, the Americans can afford more, and Russia itself is also unlikely to want to go into direct conflict with Washington.

“SP”: – As was confirmed in circles close to the alliance in Brussels, this should reduce the risk of a direct military confrontation between NATO states and Russia. Reduce? What then is the meaning of deliveries to Kyiv?

“Of course, it reduces the degree of tension. At the same time, arms supplies to Ukraine, albeit limited, in one way or another make it difficult to conduct a special military operation, slow down the military defeat of Ukraine and create an additional burden on the Russian army and economy.

“SP”: – According to media reports, there are fears that Russia may officially regard the supply of Western battle tanks and fighters as participation in the conflict, and then take retaliatory measures. Which? Hit on NATO countries?

— Yes, the West is seriously afraid of Russia’s use of tactical nuclear weapons and missile strikes on the infrastructure of the same Poland, through which the main flow of weapons to Ukraine passes.

“SP”: – The representative of NATO spoke on this issue only in general terms. He pointed out that all supply decisions are ultimately up to the individual Member States. Does that mean there is no agreement?

– Apparently, we are talking about informal agreements with a fairly loose framework, that is, individual countries can act at their own peril and risk, but at the same time, NATO, as a military bloc, relieves itself of responsibility for such initiative.

“SP”: – According to Macron, there is a border, which is not to become a party to the conflict. Does it exist? Where does she run?

— Yes, NATO countries are trying not to cross this “red line”, this can be seen from their actions. At the same time, one must understand that this boundary is very blurred, and what is considered a “line crossing” is largely a matter of subjective perception. Therefore, now between Russia and the West there is a real game of nerves, and there is always a risk that they will give up on someone at some point.

“The words of the State Secretary of the German Ministry of Armor coincided with a leak in the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, in which, with reference to relevant documents, it is reported that in the past nine weeks the German government has reduced the supply of weapons to Ukraine to a minimum,” notes Doctor of Philology, military-political expert Vladimir Sapunov.

“We are talking about the fact that, apart from small arms, Germany has not supplied anything to the Kyiv regime since the end of March, it has not sent heavy weapons. There is also information that during yesterday’s telephone conversation Putin With Scholz and Macron discussed the possibility of unblocking grain supplies from Ukraine, accompanied by the refusal of Western countries to help the neighboring republic with heavy weapons.

It seems that there are serious grounds for all this, since the largest Western European countries are not interested in supplying significant weapons to Ukraine. The benefits of this are very doubtful, and the likelihood of running into a further escalation of the conflict with Russia is very high. Germany is still very interested in energy supplies from our country and will be the first to be ready to unfreeze economic relations. Let it be in the future. And in itself, the arms race in Ukraine is not at all beneficial for Western Europeans, because they didn’t really want the start of an armed conflict – refugees, economic upheavals, and so on.

Another thing is the USA. It is their role in stuffing Ukraine with weapons that is the most important and dangerous for Russia. In this, they can use the puppet countries of Eastern Europe, or they can send their own weapons. After all, M777 howitzers (caliber 155 mm) have already been seen in Ukraine. They say that without electronic guidance devices, they have a lower rate of fire than their Soviet counterparts, but they will still create problems. And even more so if we are talking about the supply of HIMARS or M270 MRLS, capable of firing tactical missiles at 300 kilometers – that is, into the depths of Russian territory. It was not in vain that they practiced such strikes at the Sea Breeze exercises last summer.

In general, in the conditions of the Ukrainian front in the Donbass, which is bursting at the seams, and in view of the inevitable defeat of Ukrainian groups in the East, the supply of Western weapons has become the most important factor in the information war, the “coming victory”. Like, by the end of July-August, the West will pump up Ukraine with weapons, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go on a counteroffensive. Such a possibility, of course, exists – and although the probability of success is very low, Western weapons will still be a factor in strengthening the enemy, especially if Western instructors are added to it.

Therefore, such threats must be taken with all seriousness and formidable diplomatic statements should not be limited. American weapons should not reach the front line, and maximum efforts should be made so that they end their existence in Western Ukraine. Someone says: we have a unique opportunity to test the capabilities of NATO weapons and destroy them. This was understandable when it came to the war in Syria, where the weapons supplied to various gangs really were an additional irritating factor, prompting us to show the United States that we can deal with them. But when it comes to the security of Russian cities, such flaunting is unacceptable, and any such threats must be eliminated.

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