Jul 31, 2022
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Leonid Yakubovich told a terrible secret


Leading Leonid Yakubovich made a confession about his show.

The permanent host of the show “Field of Miracles” Leonid Yakubovich revealed a funny fact about his attitude to the sensational program, the face of which he has been for 30 years now.

During the broadcast on Radio Baltkom, Leonid Yakubovich talked to one of the listeners. The woman noted that she had not watched “Field of Miracles” for a long time. In response, the TV presenter admitted that for the entire time the program was released, he had not seen a single issue. The information came as a complete surprise.

Leonid Yakubovich - photo from the archive -
Leonid Yakubovich – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I don’t watch the program. As soon as the “motor” command is given, I instantly enjoy it. If I stop enjoying it, you will tell by your eyes that I’m tired of it.”, — shared the actor, quotes the FAN.

Earlier, Leonid Yakubovich said that he would like to conduct his “Field of Miracles” program with his colleague Ivan in the future.

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