Jan 11, 2022
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Leonid Kuravlev’s son denied reports of COVID-19 from the artist

People’s Artist Leonid Kuravlev, who was hospitalized with pneumonia, did not contract the coronavirus, said the son of 85-year-old actor Vasily.

The artist was hospitalized in serious condition in the intensive care unit of the infectious diseases hospital in Kommunarka. Kuravlev complained of shortness of breath, the media reported earlier. Currently, he remains under the round-the-clock supervision of doctors in the intensive care unit. The actor’s condition is assessed as serious, he has significant lung damage.

However, the artist does not have COVID-19, Vasily Kuravleva told The man refused to give a more detailed comment on the condition of his father.

“There is no coronavirus. But I will not comment on anything yet, ”said Vasily Kuravlev.

Earlier, an insider close to the artist’s relatives told FAN that he received negative test results for COVID-19. The star of the Soviet cinema was in the hospital only two days ago, and not on the eve of Christmas, as previously reported.

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