Jun 4, 2022
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Leonid Agutin said that he switched to pasture


Musician Leonid Agutin is having a great time with friends and even showed the catch in his Telegram channel.

While stars of varying degrees of magnitude brag about how chic they spend the summer in luxury style, Leonid Agutin felt the potential of a male earner in himself and went hunting. He invited friends and colleagues to the company, who felt the equally strong call of nature.

Leaving warm beds, the men went fishing. Moreover, the “barefoot boy” turned out to be an experienced fisherman, he caught a fairly large fish, which he immediately boasted of in the microblog.

Leonid Agutin
Leonid Agutin

We are switching to pasture. Or rather, underwater. Fishing with friends is amazingly soothing“- Leonid signed a picture with prey in the Telegram channel.

Later, he posted a photo of the already prepared catch. It looked very appetizing. But Agutin himself clearly decided to relax away from the paparazzi and spotlights. He was overgrown with a gray beard and even, most likely, forgot to comb his hair. But the fans forgave this liberty to their idol. On the contrary, they unanimously began to envy the star.

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