Apr 10, 2021
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Leonid Agutin published a rare selfie with his father and publicly confessed his love to him

14:36, 10.04.2021

The singer came to visit his parent.

Leonid Agutin tries to spend time with his 85-year-old father Nikolai Agutin. Today the singer said that he came to visit his parent and stayed with him for a day. According to Agutin, no matter how he and his father were looking for a place in the apartment for selfies, at any point the sun’s rays fell on Nikolai Petrovich.

Ultimately, Agutin and his father managed to take a photo. Agutin shared the result in his microblog on Instagram. “You are a sunny person, dad. I love you “, – signed the picture Agutin (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.).

Leonid Agutin with his father

It is worth noting that at the end of October last year it became known that Nikolai Petrovich was hospitalized with a severe form of COVID-19. The oxygen level in the artist’s blood dropped to 90 percent, and doctors diagnosed him with coronavirus pneumonia. At the same time, it was reported that Leonid Agutin did not contact the journalists and did not comment on the state of his father’s health in any way.

A week later, Agutin Sr. recovered and was discharged from the capital’s hospital in Kommunarka and spent a two-week quarantine at his home. After that, it was decided to send Nikolai Petrovich to rehabilitation in Miami, where his relatives and granddaughter live. At the end of December 2020, the Soviet pop star returned to Russia.

Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin with her daughter

We add that Nikolai Petrovich is still pursuing his career. Even in his youth, Agutin Sr. performed in the VIA “Blue Guitars”. Then the musician for more than 30 years was a concert director at the Mosconcert, organizing performances by such ensembles as “Merry Guys”, “Singing Hearts”, “Pesnyary”. Nikolai Petrovich also worked with the star of the 90s Zhenya Belousov.

Recall that Agutin’s father and son appeared on the same stage together in 2018. Then Nikolai Petrovich decided to try his hand at the program “Voice 60+”, whose jury was his son. Agutin became the oldest participant in the show and at the stage of blind auditions sang the song “I work as a magician.” Leonid immediately recognized his father by his voice, but turned to him only in the last seconds of the performance. Agutin Sr. automatically got into the team of his son. Ex-participant of VIA “Blue Guitars” reached the final, but Nikolai Petrovich failed to win the main prize of the show. The first place went to Lydia Muzaleva from the Pelageya team, who received a cash prize of 1 million rubles.

Nikolay Agutin with his own song “Mama” in the show “Voice 60+”

Leonid Agutin admitted that he was afraid that people would think that he was promoting his father. He noted that he did not want to choose him during blind auditions, but then realized that the audience really wanted to see him among the participants. By the way, last year Agutin’s album La Vida Cosmopolita nominated for five Grammy nominations, including the Best Album of the Year. It was reported that the singer only got into the long list, after which he did not get into the short list.

Agutin said that he did not hope to receive the coveted reward. According to the performer, in such things it is very difficult to compete with major Western musicians. Nevertheless, he was very pleased to receive recognition from the academics of the award, since this is much more important for him than a possible victory.

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