May 3, 2021
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Leonid Agutin: I became “the third odd” in bed with Angelica Varum

The famous Russian singer Leonid Agutin decided to talk about his intimate life with a woman, performer Angelica Varum.

Leonid Agutin: I became “the third odd” in bed with Angelica Varum

It turned out that the spouses have been sleeping in different beds for many years. And there are several reasons for this, and not so long ago another one appeared – Leonid became “the third superfluous”.

Agutin and Varum began to sleep separately due to different preferences. He loves it when it is fresh and clear in the upper room, so Angelica was freezing all the time. After they started a new apartment, they decided to make two bedrooms so that everyone could sleep comfortably. Over time, a cat Scent appeared in the family, which gradually ousted Agutin from the matrimonial bedroom.

Leonid noted that the cat and the woman are one creature. Kosha loves Angelica so much that she follows her everywhere with her tail and she also loves to sleep with a woman, she crawls right under the covers and sleeps. Varum also loves when a cat lies at her feet, but the singer himself says that he cannot sleep with animals in the same bed.

After the separation of the bedrooms, the spouses began to scold liquidly and now each of them has its own individual space. Leonid added that being together at all times, you can “kill the family in general.”

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