Sep 17, 2020
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Lend-Lease “with tears in my eyes”

How it happened was recalled by the honorary citizen of Kaliningrad, Pyotr Afanasyevich Chagin, who in 1945 served as the assistant to the commandant for the patrol service of the commandant's office No. 4 of Konigsberg.

In September 1945, military units in the capital of East Prussia were instructed to return the Studebaker trucks to the Allies. The collection point for cars to be returned was set up near the railway in the area of ​​Schönfliser Allee (now - Dzerzhinsky Street). Our drivers diligently repaired cars, washed them.

And so the first Studebakers were driven to the reception center. All cars - even now for the parade. After examining them, the Americans said "ok" and asked to drain the remaining gasoline and all liquids from the engines into the prepared containers.

Then the crane casually lifted one of the Studebakers and threw it into a structure. It turned out that it was a powerful press, which quickly turned a serviceable, polished car into an ugly cake. And the truck crane was already giving him the next victim ...

“And all this also with smirks,” Chagin said. - Our chauffeurs have tears in their eyes. We tried, put in order. And the Americans, it turns out, do not need the Studebakers. And they did not even try to hide it, on the contrary, they staged some kind of public execution. "

However, word of mouth quickly spread among our drivers the details of the first transfer of cars. And in the future, subject to return "Studebakers" were transferred in a much less "ceremonial" state.

Vladislav Rzhevsky

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