May 12, 2022
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Lend-Lease for the Nazis

Lend-Lease for the Nazis

The President of the United States fulfilled the dream of the American military-industrial complex and signed the law on lend-lease for Ukraine.

This means that the Yankees will print a huge pile of unsecured dollars that will be spent on the production of weapons and military equipment, which will help the American economy out of the crisis, and all this will shoot at our soldiers.

Moreover, the draft of this law was submitted to the Senate on January 19, long before Russia’s special military operation in the Donbass republics began. And this means that the United States was going to take over the full military support of Ukraine even, so to speak, in peacetime. So far, $33 billion has been allocated from the state budget for these purposes – a colossal amount. Ukraine, if such a state survives at all, according to the provisions of this law, will pay something after the war, and only for those weapons and equipment that will survive during the hostilities. In essence, the point is that American taxpayers will pay huge amounts of money to their own military corporations with no hope of getting anything back. During the war against German fascism, hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo were delivered to Russia from the USA, Great Britain and Canada through the Lend-Lease line. They were mainly delivered through the Far East and Iran, a small part came with Arctic convoys to Murmansk.

Today, the United States took the side of the puppet Nazi regime they created, which unleashed a war against its own citizens in the Donbass. “With regard to Ukraine, Biden is playing for luck, at least recklessly,” writes Joel Pollack, a columnist for the popular American news portal Breitbart News. Assessing the plan for Lend-Lease deliveries to Ukraine with a request to Congress for $33 billion, he notes the lack of understanding in America of what a victory over Russia should look like.

Sane Americans are gradually horrified by the realization that Biden himself does not know where he is leading the country. There is no serious analysis, experts have not calculated what will happen if the American weapons do not work. Unlike during the Second World War, the United States is now inferior to Russia in a number of key weapons, primarily in rocket technology and air defense systems. The fantastic S-500 system, which is capable of shooting down even hypersonic missiles, has already been put into mass production. Only Russia can provide a real no-fly regime today.

Experts from the Pentagon and the CIA are clearly deceiving their president and the public by talking about the strength of the Ukrainian army, which allegedly amazed everyone with its resistance to the “Russian invasion”. No one knows what guides the White House strategy planners. They do not prepare the public for the fact that Russia may strike back in response to the escalation of hostilities by the West. Pollack writes about the recklessness of Biden’s actions, who chose a high-risk strategy without understanding the threats associated with it, and shows no desire to negotiate with Russia.

The Pentagon generals reported that they had handed over the promised high-tech howitzers to Ukraine. But to fight them, Russia has a more powerful weapon. The front line in the Donbass is changing every day, guns from the United States can quickly become a trophy for the fighters of the Republics of Donbass. The Ukrainian army has lost the ability to effectively counterattack, each time such actions lead to the loss of dozens of armored vehicles and hundreds of soldiers, as happened recently near Kharkov. The armies of the DPR and LPR are liberating new villages and cities of Donbass, which was unthinkable until recently, when a 150,000-strong group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with thousands of tanks and guns hung over the territories of the people’s republics, having received an order to inflict a devastating blow on them and go to the border with Russia.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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