May 28, 2022
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Lena Miro ridiculed the marriage of Polina Gagarina


Singer Polina Gagarina intends to connect her life with a new man.

The actress posted on the Web a photo in a wedding dress. “It’s unbearable to get married,” the star signed the picture. And she said that she answered her chosen one “yes”.

Apparently, she gathered to go down the aisle with Vladimir Chinyaev, a sound producer, whom she meets after her divorce from her second husband Dmitry Iskhakov.

This fact greatly impressed the blogger Lena Miro, who is surprised by the third, fourth and so on marriages. Moreover, Gagarina is young and successful.

Polina Gagarina - photo from the archive -
Polina Gagarina – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The current Polina is definitely (well, I hope!) a great guy. Why get married? Smeared with honey? You live together for two years, well, then live in peace!

Polina is 35, a wonderful age. Still young, full of energy, at the peak of her form. Performs, earns, has children. So live and be happy! Why do you need another husband?!

I understand marriage, when either from love or from raging hormones at the age of 20, the knees are shaking. I understand marriage even at 60, when the husband is a true friend with whom you want to die in an embrace. I understand the one and only marriage, when you met a person whom you just love all your life.

I don’t understand the third-fifth-tenth marriage, when you, barely getting out of one toxic relationship, immediately begin to dream of going to the registry office! Ugh”, Lena Miro wrote on LiveJournal.

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