Aug 2, 2022
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Lena Miro ridiculed Larisa Dolina


The blogger indicated the place to the singer Larisa Dolina.

The well-known blogger Lena Miro not so long ago criticized Olga Buzova, who came to the concert in a tight-fitting tiger-colored suit and danced on stage with her legs spread apart.

The shark of the pen advised the presenter to find a man already, and not to signal in public about her intimate problem. Accidentally or not, but almost immediately Larisa Dolina appeared at the photo shoot in almost the same outfit as Olga Buzova, and with exactly the same movements – squats with knees apart.

Naturally, everyone began to compare them. Actress Yana Poplavskaya could not resist, who said that the people’s artist in this form looks decent, but Buzova did not. Lena Miro intervened here, saying that she had a completely different opinion. “Looks just funny”, she wrote about the Valley.

Olga Buzova and Larisa Dolina
Olga Buzova and Larisa Dolina

Poplavskaya has not thoughts in her head, but some kind of bronzed attitudes, according to which everything that Buzova does is gone and bad, and everything that the Valley does is talented and worthy.

So – through the cloudy glasses of indestructible stereotypes – only stupid people evaluate reality. And the Valley, of course, it’s time to think about the soul, and not, spreading her legs, look for Adriana Lima in herself”, Miro said on LiveJournal.

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