May 29, 2022
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Lena Letuchaya left the program with a scandal


Presenter Lena Letuchaya spoke about the setup on television.

The TV presenter told why she refused to host a new show on STS with Alexander Rogov. She decided to voice this story to the public so that the facts would not be distorted and her departure would not turn into a “blonde tantrum”.

The STS TV channel is launching a new makeover show, hosted by Alexander Rogov and Elena Letuchaya. The premiere of the first episode of the program is scheduled for Sunday, May 29. And it was on this day that the 43-year-old Revizorro star announced that she was leaving the project.

The TV presenter announced her decision on social networks in order to avoid unnecessary rumors and gossip. She stated that she was forced to leave the new project on STS by the decision of the producers of the show to change the format. According to Letuchaya, the show was originally conceived as a replacement for the “Take it off immediately” program with Alexander Rogov, who decided to leave the STS channel for TNT. Elena was even picked up as a co-host and for several months they worked on launching a new project.

Elena Letuchaya - photo from the archive -
Elena Letuchaya – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I liked the new concept of the program, and they even picked up a wonderful co-host. We were working and getting ready to start. But one day there was news that A. Rogov was returning to the channel (I don’t know what didn’t work out on TNT, but the fact remains), and then I randomly find out that my co-host is no longer a co-host and that Alexander will take her place”, — told the Flying subscribers.

However, the matter was not limited to the change of the host with the return of Rogov. The producers decided to go back to the show’s old “Take It Off Now” format. And the last straw was the choice of a new name for the program.

We start filming and on the fifth day I randomly find out that we are filming a program with a different concept and we are back to Alexander’s old format. Well, like a knife in the back, they showed me the name of the program – Rogov +. In general, no complaints, except that they did everything behind their backs, without even putting them in the know“, – said the TV presenter.

Volatile noted that in television life, as in ordinary life, there are many unpleasant situations and she considers such disrespect for colleagues to be unworthy behavior. In conclusion, Elena wished the project good ratings and excellent casting.

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