Oct 15, 2020
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Lego City constructor in the online store of children’s toys “MYPLAY”

Lego constructors are one of the most common toys that are loved by children of any gender and age. For the smallest connoisseurs of well-known sets, it is better to select sets from the Duplo line, young fashionistas most of all liked the sets of Friends and the Disney Princess, but boys often prefer Lego City constructors with various superheroes. You can buy these sets in Ukraine in the MYplay online store on the website. The catalog contains a wide range of kits, among which each buyer can choose the appropriate option for a particular baby, depending on his interests and preferences.

Why buy Lego City from MYplay online store?

What attracts boys to this series of constructors? These sets have one of the broadest lists of products when comparing all the existing lines of toys of the company. Lego City allows you to recreate almost any life situation in modern cities in a playful way.

If you decide to buy a Lego City constructor in the MYplay online store, then with the help of the selected sets, boys will be able to assemble any buildings and infrastructure, reproduce everyday or unusual, exciting stories, play all kinds of scenes, building large-scale structures and structures.

The main advantage thanks to which parents decide to buy a Lego City constructor in Ukraine is safety for kids. All parts are made of high-quality and durable plastic, which does not emit any odors and does not harm children's health. In addition, kits of constructors are extremely useful: they contribute to the development of fine motor skills of hands, dexterity, perseverance, dedication, memory, logic, creative thinking.

Lego City

Variety of Lego City constructors for kids

In Lego City sets for kids you can find:

  • representatives of various professions and fields of activity;
  • all kinds of vehicles, ships, freight and passenger trains;
  • cranes, fire and police stations;
  • different types of buildings and structures;
  • other infrastructure objects of any settlements.

Every Ukrainian can purchase Lego City kits in the MYplay online store to present these sets as a gift to their sons, nephews, grandchildren, etc. Such a present will definitely delight the boys on their birthday, New Year or any other holiday.

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