Oct 7, 2021
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Legion of Creeping Beasts

The Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed was surrounded from all sides. The Europeans, our wonderful partners, sent pile number four and laid it out not far from St. Basil’s Cathedral, across the Moskva River. This is on the one hand

Asia did not ignore our shrine. And she brought it up. If you put it on, then you won’t be stingy! – decided the representative of a small but proud people, as we are told all the time about such peoples Like, small, but daring. And this prowess is being demonstrated to us with constancy, worthy of better application, with the active assistance of the authorities, who are already planning to bring the proud to Russia in echelons and millions. Tajik blogger (wow!) Muzaffar Bobiev had sex in a perverted form against the background of the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed (already from a different angle they approached the shrine) with cheap Asya Akimova, who was in a uniform jacket “Police”. Filmed gnu, putting it on public display. True, when they grabbed a couple, they began to assure that it was an imitation of the act. But escorts in this area have everything – imitation, feelings, passion, lust.

This Muzaffar, who calls himself Ruslan (this is accepted among street people. All girls – Violetta, Angelica, Laura, men – Ruslana and Alena), knew that as soon as some arbeiter squealed that he was being oppressed by the Russians, the Shenderovichs would immediately run up and will begin to cradle and nurture him. Oral sex in Red Square? This is freedom, which is better than freedom, Dimon will confirm to you. This is a personal matter for each escort mouth. That is why Muzaffar was brave, replicated the photo session, walked around – a frail chest with a wheel.

In general, maybe Bobiev simply does not know the addresses of places of worship of other religions, including his, where also quite good photos can be obtained, and the escort girls do not care where to do their professional work. Human rights activists and lawyers, give the guy a list of places where you bow down, let your blogging amuse him.

True, it was a misfortune, the case of insulting Russians, familiar to Bobievs of all stripes, suddenly hurt someone, and people turned to law enforcement agencies with an appeal to finally use the law on inciting hatred not only in relation to Russians, who are the only ones who are attracted under these articles. Impunity corrupts. Life demonstrates this to us by Moldavian race car drivers, Tajik provocateurs. This Muzaffar attacked metro passengers, visitors to shopping centers, posted these videos, but was never prosecuted. Well, I decided, the Russians endured, let me send you a cool Central Asian hello, why am I worse than a Swiss with a bunch of him?

“Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs became interested in the girl’s uniform jacket and the legality of wearing it. When Bobiev realized that he was in danger, he promptly deleted the pictures and closed his account. (They say about such a “hero with a hole upside down.” Just pull them diapers.) The police quickly found the blogger and his companion. “They were detained on September 30 for 10 days. In relation to both, protocols were drawn up on administrative offenses provided for by Art. 19.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. Also, a protocol was drawn up against the blogger under Article 18.8 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation (Violation by a foreign citizen or stateless person of the rules for entering the Russian Federation or the regime of stay (residence) in the Russian Federation). “The court found Ruslan (according to his passport – Muzaffar) guilty under Part 1 of Article 19.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (“ Disobedience to a lawful order of a police officer ”) and sentenced him to 10 days’ arrest with a fine of 5 thousand rubles and administrative expulsion from the Russian Federation … In relation to the girl, a protocol was drawn up on an administrative offense under Art. 17.12 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal wearing of uniforms with insignia, with symbols of state paramilitary organizations, law enforcement or regulatory agencies “).”

Where is the incitement to hatred? Where is the desecration of places of worship? It is surprising that they did not manage with an educational conversation with the guilty.

“Muzaffar was born in the Tajik village of Yeged in 1998, studied at the local secondary school No. 6.” Interestingly, before the establishment of Soviet power, how many secondary schools were there in the Tajik village of Yeged?

And so Muzaffar, such a macho at the photo session, suddenly began wringing his hands, crying and apologizing during the arrest. It turns out that he “did not want to offend the Russians.” That is, he admitted that his bastarding was directed precisely against the Russians. After all, he did not cry, apologizing to the Tatars or Evenks. Knows the scab against whom he acted “deliberately in a group of persons by prior conspiracy.” It won’t be like this anymore? It won’t be that way. Otherwise – completely. There is also an anal passage, and Asya Akimova will substitute there too. Any trash heap is a hundred times cleaner than Ashin’s mouth.

I wish I could take Muzaffara Asya and go to the Kaaba! And there would be some pictures! But there would be no need to promise “not to do that again”. After that, Muzaffar and Asya could no longer do anything, just rot in the stomachs of the dogs, to which these loving bloggers would be thrown to be devoured.

Asya would need not just for 10 days, but for ten days in a settling tank, where the fellow countrymen of this wretched person are collected before being expelled to their homeland. Here you can combine two in one: her professionalism will not suffer a loss due to downtime, because “everything requires skill, exercise, training.” And to the migrant workers deported to their homeland, this will be a “compliment from the firm”, at least somehow sweetened by the bitter return to their native lands.

“The Labor Code is not a Criminal Code, and it can be violated”, – signed his photo surveillance Bobiev. The guy is still that joker. He barely speaks Russian, but how joking! You’ll laugh. But it was just the criminal one that violated it.

“A well-known TV presenter, confessing his deep respect for the people of Tajikistan, accused Bobiev of doing everything to inflame hatred of Tajiks.” And why does the TV presenter respect this people, who interrupted and kicked out the Russians, stood on the squares with posters “Russians, do not leave, we need slaves”, and now desecrates our shrines? Sorry, but these were not single pickets. This “respected” people came out, to whom the Russians built factories, schools, universities. And these are not downtrodden illiterate dekhans.

There, Muzaffara’s compatriot, the poetess Gulruskhor Safiyeva, flirted at rallies in Dushanbe during the collapse of the Soviet Union, directly calling for the massacre of Russians: “Scorned by the northern barbarians, my beautiful dark-eyed homeland wants revenge! It’s time to wash off the Russian scale! Freedom is above all! ” But this creature was also born in the remote village of Yakhch of the Komsomolabad region of the Tajik SSR. The collective farm sent her to study in Dushanbe, she joined the party, worked in editorial offices, published a lot of books, and received a bunch of awards, including the Lenin Komsomol. But she called for the murder of the Russians, who gave her and her “dark homeland” all the blessings of civilization! So the gratitude of these little ones is well known.

Here is what Elena Semyonova says: “At the rallies of the“ Islamic-democratic ”opposition, the poetess made anti-Russian speeches, called the Great Patriotic War“ a Russian meat grinder, where they drove the Tajiks, ”predicted that“ the hour of reckoning has come, and let the blood wash away the Russian dirt. ” And when Safieva, sowing the “wind of change”, received a storm, and a real civil war broke out, the nationalists began to kill (directly according to the lists) scientists, writers, public and cultural figures, and came to her to kill. But the Russian military managed to save her from Islamist fanatics and took her from Tajikistan to Russia. Those same “northern barbarians” whom she called for revenge at nationalist gatherings. Now she lives here: she is a member of some public organizations, arranges her creative evenings in Moscow. “

It seems that we will wait for the photo exhibitions of Muzaffar, as poetic evenings from Gurlukhsor. And after all, the freedom-loving creature did not rush to its remote village. I will make a bold assumption, he does not live under a bridge or on a bench in a public garden in Moscow. It was our military who were thrown out of the “fraternal republics” into open fields. Russian specialists, not having time to take with them a couple of things from the property acquired during their working life, fled from the “fraternal peoples”, which they built industry, education, medicine, culture (there was even a film studio “Tajik-film”), and settled in trailers and sheds. No. All these Gurlukhsors came to Moscow, to the “Russian mud”, which was washed off with Russian blood, and immediately received refugee status (from whom did they flee from their dark homeland?), At the expense of the Russian people they grabbed the mansions. Probably, scum, not to the dark-eyed relatives in Afghanistan ran, not to Ukraine, not to Georgia, but to the Russians!

And for some reason they only write about the desecration of the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed and the insult to the feelings of believers by this pair of bastards. But Red Square is the square of our great parades of 1941 and 1945, this is the square of the Immortal regiments. Nits defiles her by her very presence. It is necessary to forbid this cheap Asya Akimova even to step on the holy square with her lousy hooves. These are the legs of people. And inhumans have hooves.

Assumptions are being made, they say, Muzaffaru got away with everything, because he has high patrons or parents, because he drives an expensive car, wears branded clothes … But he and his fellow janitors fish out this branded garbage dump near houses where wealthy people live … You can also rent a car – show-offs are more expensive than money. Perhaps the security forces did not want to get involved: as soon as they grabbed the small but proud, representatives of the communities and human rights defenders immediately rush in and shout about oppression. And if the security officials need to tick the box that work is underway under the article, Russians can be recruited and imprisoned without trial or investigation.

In the video, a crying blogger asks him to be deported to his homeland. Why on earth was he given only 10 days with such a set of violations? And he asks for a reason. He understands that in prison he is quite suitable for the role of Asya Akimova for the entire period of his stay there. And the photo session is no worse – Muzaffar-Asya against the background of a bucket. Bah, all familiar faces! On his Instagram, before he was escorted, he flirted: put likes, and if there are enough of them, then I will arrange a real act there. I think if there are photo shoots of Muzaffar in the role of Asya Akimova against the background of a bucket, then there will be no need for likes. And his dream of an act in an unusual place will come true.

And now, upon deportation, he will not go to his village. What should a blogger do in a Tajik village? And she will give up on Ukraine-nenka criminals of all stripes. With Rakova Marina there you can quite get an institute. The same berry field as Asya. There are plenty of impressive views. Against the background of a heavenly hundred of some kind. Cool! And like Ismailov, detained in Montenegro, Muzaffar, finding himself in CEEurope, will lament that he is politically persecuted, because he committed his filthiness on Red Square. He will sit with Kasparov at human rights conferences on panels and expose the bloody gebny that tramples on the pure feelings of copulating bloggers. The European Commission, which we are keeping on Dimon’s orders, will decide that he has suffered from us mentally, and we must pay him compensation, accept him back and, as a sign of apology, make him a deputy of the ruling party or vice-president of Sberbank.

In general, the regiment of the politically persecuted arrived. What is not oppressed – Gennady Mozheiko, who in “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus” introduced Zeltser, who shot the employee of the Belarusian KGB, “Positive, truthful, advocating the truth“. This “positive” shot through the door, blindly, not knowing who was behind the door. Are there women or children there? You would read the characteristics of Chikatilo before his arrest. Would be envious! Solid positivity. But when you know that this scumbag shot a man while he was on duty, you surely sing the praises of the terrorist. But ours here too – in white human rights clothes, dressed up and mantryat: freedom of speech, performed his duties. By the way, all liberals are alike! He never opened his mouth, and you know for sure – a liberal. There is no need to be a physiognomist here. Shenderovich is right – another breed of people.

Blogger Muzaffar Bobiev, stand-up artist Idrak Mirzalizade, poet Gulruskhor Safiyeva … Their name is legion.

Anna Serafimova

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